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2021-06-28 00:33:11 (UTC)

Good bit of beef :)

It's blogging time. I need to write, I've already expressed my thoughts to my pal, Phil and Ed, but Phil is my proper friend (non sexualised). It's great he lives in America because he is always awake when I call, lol.

Anyway, Mr Builder is treating me so well, we had another good date. As the time was approaching for him to arrive at my house, the heavens opened up, and it didn't just rain it was torrential, me in my white dress and him in his white shirt....not organised that way lololol.....and we both laughed standing under my porch at how wrong fkn England and its weather can be. We got in my car, and I suggested perhaps we go somewhere local instead as we can't be walking the beach now and I didn't know how good the food was in the pub near the beach.

He said, no, let's still go, have a little adventure and see how it goes. I liked that, so we did. He was his usual chatty self all the journey there (40 minutes), and the rain got even worse in that we could barely see on the motorway. Eventually, we arrived and made a dash in the rain to the pub, we hadn't booked a table, so again we were riding on "what will be, will be" fortunately the cosy little pub had a table for us and we sat by the window, with the rain pouring down into the ocean. We ate roast beef dinner. I ordered a smaller version, lol. I didn't drink any alcohol as I offered to drive (just in case he had ropes and a machete in his big van, lmao), and he didn't drink either.

We spent a few hours in the pub, still debating whether we will go for a walk, but the rain wasn't even fine, it was a heavy downpour, and we joked that a few steps and both my white dress and his white shirt would be soaked and see-through. He liked that idea, LOL...

Weirdly, I remained subdued from my usual sexual prowess. This whole thing with him has been weird, our first date too. The way he appeared beforehand in the side door to my life and our date being organised within a few days and then the next and now our third date next weekend.

It's also odd how recent men showing interest in me all bring up spirituality and ask me about it more. This doesn't usually happen. Guys dont care about it, and it's always something I have kept discreet when meeting someone new, only mentioning it if they talk about it and ask me about myself.

On the way home, Mr Builder tells me about his mother, who is a healer, she's an old girl now, and he went on to talk about one of his daughters and her interests in it and then asks me, "Are you spiritual". I felt comfortable enough to tell him about myself, experiences etc., and as I was telling him, I noticed he began to look at me with real intent - like someone does when they are falling for you. I carried on talking about my spirituality and that it's a part of me but not my entire life, that I don't go about exploiting people for money. I only help who is brought to me and do so discreetly.

He continued to look at me with this lengthy, meaningful gaze, and I thought, what's that all about? As we arrived back at my house, I did not invite him in; instead, I offered a hug to him, and he held me tight and squeezed me. I thanked him for the lovely meal and good company, and he said, "Again, it's been my pleasure; you're a beautiful and interesting woman and let me know if we're cooking together or getting a take-away next weekend for the movie." I laughed, and I said, I will.

Once I was indoors, I text him to let me know he got home alright as the roads were horrendous with floods. He did, and he told me that he wanted to put his hand on my thigh affectionately when we were in the car because hearing me talk with passion (about my spirituality) made him want me more. I thought this is a good sign, lol.

I told Ed my date was tonight, and he said, "has he got a nice dick?" I said, "I wouldn't know that as he has been a gentleman." Ed didn't know what to respond, so he didn't. Then after my date, Ed asked how it went, and I told him he was a gentleman again, funny, charming, paid for our meal. I told Ed, this man is the sort of man I need in my life to treat me well finally, a man without emotional hang-ups, a grafter and understands women after raising his two daughters. But I've always got passionate about bad men who make me work for it, but they are not suitable for me.

Ed, couldn't answer this either because he knew if he told me to continue with Mr Builder, it would fuck things up for him towards winning me, and if he agreed with me, that would be shooting himself in the foot again because he is a man who sexualises me.

That was funny, and it made me laugh. Kiss kiss, Ed xx

Phil is excited for me, and he said to make sure I see him for date three. I told Phil, I know he will make a move on me, though, as we're watching a movie and he wanted to kiss me tonight. I sensed it but avoided letting him. Phil said, well do some thinking this week, but maybe that I need to break the chain and do what my dad says, "Darling, go with someone you wouldn't normally go for and then you'll get it right. Because the choices of men previously are all wronguns." Hahaha, he has a point, and Mr Builder is a true gentleman, chilled, I would need to break him in though as he hasn't fucked anyone for five years....he is a nice guy. I don't know what he is like in the sheets or what's beneath them. Who knows, I might be surprised but sex and intimacy is important to me.

Adonis and I are talking again. He has been pleasant just usual chatter. He is thinking of not starting the new job, and I think he will continue to do handyman stuff. I told him to do what he thinks is best for him, and if he can survive without taking that job, he has his answer. He also asked how my date went. I said, "Yeah, good food and good company," he said. "Lol," I said, "Whaaaat?" He said, "Nuthing, lol," I said, "Shush you," he said, "Lol" I sent a zipped mouth emoji, and he replied, "Okay."

The psychiatrist was weird asf last night with his texts, and I lost all interest. Needless to say, my last words to him were "yawns", and he said, "Okay, goodnight." And I didn't respond.

Not been on the dating sites today neither responded to the doctor.