Pleasantly Disturbed

Broken Glass Park
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2021-06-28 00:02:06 (UTC)

Learning To Laugh At The Whole Stupid World

I think I have found The Middle Path (for me, personally - not the one Buddha was talking about!). I can't completely escape reality and I can't completely face it either. So, what can I do? Laugh at it. The "joke" may get old and/or annoying, but this is the best I can do! And I can get creative! Make the jokes in my head like really, really funny - like 40-Year-Old-Virgin funny (That movie never stops being funny, I swear!).

Never stop laughing at life (and other people - Well, obviously!).

When I get angry at people, I'll laugh. This means I'll have to quickly think of funny things about them or what they said. Or, simply, laugh at their stupidity/ignorance. I'll be laughing a lot! It's such a strange reaction...

Imagine that I actually had to talk to customers and there's a really angry/rude one and I don't yell, talk back or argue with them, I just laugh! I will laugh constantly - I laugh out of emptiness, sadness too. I will laugh when anxious and stressed - I can still cry too - that's a nice purge, still. Anything to avoid anger - So, I'm adding laughter now to the tears.

I may end up laughing so much that I will appear mad to people. Good thing I don't care about what they think! I never cared about crying in front of people because they never cared to ask if I am okay! Well, some did... and therefore, they are definitely okay to cry in front of. And so is everyone else simply because I don't have to care about what people who don't care about me think... about me!