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2049-02-12 22:22:00 (UTC)

MLB Royals: Dani Amores Slapped The Rangers Baseball Teammate for her Loss:

Aired: June 27, 2021
At Globe Life Field:
(Dani Amores is mad at Paola Eunice)
Andy Mauricio: Danielle Amores, it's okay, we already lost the game.
(Dani Amores just dropped her water blottle, and she gets up from the dugout and throws water at Paola Eunice)
Rangers Baseball Teammates: (shocking to Dani Amores)
Paola Eunice: You already lost Dani.
Dani: I didn't meant to! (pulls hair to you)
(Dani and Paola Eunice are fighting each other and everyone is video taping to them)
Sarai, Gabby: Danielle Amores, that's enough fighting. (guards you)
(Dani Amores continues crying)
Danielle: You are the worst team for since we met! (drops my water bottle in the field)

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