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2021-06-27 13:03:45 (UTC)

Weird waking up at 12PM 🤨

Work got my sleep out of whack. Got up at 1:30AM to get to work at 3ish. We did a network migration at the wee Sunday hrs because it was intrusive so these only during these times can we do major work where the network is down. It went as smoothly as can be. I should have a poop ton of atto-boy and participation medals from work by now. Anyway, I was really tired after that and went to bed. Woke up at 12PM all confused. Wasn't sure even of what day it was. Thinking it's Monday already worried I woke up late for work! But no, brain cells started to ignite once again and realized it's still Sunday.

It feels too hot for coffee already, It'll be a high of 98° F. So iced coffee from Starbucks it is. I only had a yogurt before bed and I'm not hungry for some reason. I feel ok but now I'm not sure when I should be having a power nap! haha. Well, I can't waste what's left of my Sunday so I'm going to get my butt up outta bed and go do something. Probably going to involve some impulse shopping. That elbow fish I caught yesterday looks ok. No residual issues as far as I can tell 🤪.

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