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2021-06-27 14:57:07 (UTC)

Sunday is no fun anymore

Sunday doesn't feel like Sunday anymore. I remember how I use to be excited for weekend just to spend time with V. Wow what days they were.
Today was a boring and a regular day. Naisha dint let us sleep yesterday night till 4 am, after 4 am we all slept well. So I woke up late and mom made the breakfast. I went out to buy Chicken and fruits. We had a good yum Lunch which sis cooked. Chicken curry and Vade. I dint wanted to have vade as they are fried but had 4 and later did 45mins HIIT and I was about to die. G is still busy with his work he does message me but only once. He then doesn't reply to my msg but he see my status strange but I want to be understanding and give him time to settle in his new project. he told me that he start his work at 8am and finish his work by 2-3am. Still if one has to he will always make time but for now things between us are not that close to am OK. he said he will be busy till Wednesday. Yesterday R called me and we talked for 2 hrs, he is one sweet person. He is going Camping for 3 days at Kentucky also we talked about some life things like always.
Well, after lunch I thought for glass painting but i fell asleep while watching kdrama and slept for whole 2.5 hrs which made me feel bloated now. I guess ill just have a tomato soup for dinner and chicken salad.
Tomorrow is Naisha's Mundan and all society kids are invited. lets see how it goes.
Cyaaaa...God bless all..