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2021-06-27 15:00:48 (UTC)


My life is sharp and scattered but it feels good to be hewn. I am at least current with the info to cope. If smoking does not calm your nerves :WHY DO IT.
I will not look at people serving madlibs and title searching their most embarrassing moment. We have an obligation to our family, and our extended family, and those that grace us with their presence.
I am embarrassed about my generosity and the coldness that my family treated me with. The last years of structured meetings made it very clear that any imagination or inspiration that I get out of my struggles will be my own. It is not a given that someone is just BETTER THAN YOU. BUT I do feel that my family has been careless with my mental health. I do not have gender dysphoria, children to regret, or a 300 weight problems, so in those genetic categories I am thankful.
I will leave structure, frame of reference, comfort and convenience alone

Nothing I see or hear is authentic to the “boots on the ground” or the joys of the spirit. I am probably a status quo test subject, ethnography permitting. I actually KNOW these famous people, I have heard that storyline before, it was a tale that soldiers told. I listen to that song to excess, why would I stumble at its words? I know en vogue from ENVY and I am positive that you are too rough with me. I am surprised you would not have loosed up naturally by this point. I am not judging but I am surrounded by thoughtless people who need me to be available constantly and I cannot. There is nothing more I can contribute to this Childish Ostentatious Degree. Sorry this is so wordy. IT IS FROM THINKING FOR MYSELF.

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