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2021-06-27 14:33:41 (UTC)

Random Chatter from the Abyss

Often, I speak of my daily life visited by otherworldly energies, spirits etc., because they are welcome to integrate with my energy. Since I was a very young girl, they have developed me. We have grown together in finding a balance in which I can cope with their energy and manipulate my energy and energy around me, including theirs and the physical living. As I grew up, not always everything was clear. However, I always knew about many different things, an acute awareness of what energies were around me, residue energy in objects and people. A large part of my primary years and teenage years centred around this incredible awareness that often made me feel very different from others. The lightness inside and this knowing was why traumatic events and the death of family members didn't affect me in the same way it did them. At funerals, I was joyful secretly because I knew the family member who died was more than okay in a resting dimension, deciding on who to visit before they need to move onto their next plane for development.

My great-great-grandmother Emily, whom I met once before she died. She was 101, and I was three years old. We had an instant affinity with one another when I looked at her. A kindness so white emitted from her aura. She was a pure brilliant light within, and I knew she meant something to me at such a tender age. I have only seen this light in someone's aura one other time in my lifetime. It's a bright white aura much like a lighthouse siren telling you, this person has meaning for your journey. The light doesn't last. It is just like a marker. Both people I have seen this in have indeed had a significant impact on my life. My Great great grandmother died after our physical meeting, but she never left me. She was with me right up until I reached my early twenties. Often I saw her, often felt her, often heard her (in my mind's eye), and often she protected me, helped me through traumatic events to adjust my mindset and move forward with courage. My ex-husband see her once, just after our dog died, he see her and our dog and it shook him up. Our house at the time was rife with 'spooky' happenings, not because the house was haunted but because of me and the energies around me.

My real work here is only to be of support to humanity, to certain souls secretly calling for a new change, a new them, a better life. Spirit bring them forward to me, and between us, we teach them how to renew all they need themselves. The people we helped are not aware of my spirituality. I don't tell them.

From my early twenties, my great-great-grandmother Emily moved into her new life in a physical body, a new family, and a middle-aged man called Andrea came instead; he was a man I knew in my first life as a spiritual leader (shaman) in a tribe in North America. Today, I bear the large birthmark from the day I was murdered in my tribe, stabbed in the back (my top left shoulder, beneath my neck). Andrea worked with me to create a mentoring course for people teetering on the edge of communication with spirit but was blocked spiritually. I had a large group of people I taught this course, all given information and stages from Andrea. I never charged a penny for anyone who wanted to do it, people graduated towards me, and I offered what they sought.

During this time through my twenties and thirties, spirit and demonic spirit began to experiment with me, some friendly and not so lovely experiences, some frightening too. It was during this time I learned to decipher everything. Images, feelings, smells, sounds, situations, emotions, energy and how each contributed to the one thing that spirit needed me to understand. I have only been attacked by demonic entities twice physically. The first was harrowing, where I was pinned down. That was in my early thirties, and the second was last year in my new house, entering my space and approaching me, instant pain and suffering emitted from the darkness of this energy, but I stopped it infiltrating me.

Fear is not my enemy, neither my friend. It doesn't exist, and this is why I am protected. Sounds flaky, I know, but it is the truth, not just words, but true fearlessness, and you cannot be infiltrated. I also had smelt the death before it happened. My cat who died last year, her sudden illness that I now understand how it came about, the day before she died, she and I smelt it, she fleed the area, and knew it was coming. It was abhorrent, and I wrote about it before in my other diary, one area of the room smelt of rotting flesh, the same smell my dead cat smelt of when I moved her lifeless body from the vet to the cat crematorium. I watched her soul leave her body from her lower back, and she never left me; she visited for a few days after her passing, making it known it was her. I wrote about the things she did. She was right about our current kitty, though, yes, utter angel/devil in one! And yes, she makes us laugh so much but, on the other hand, drives me insane with her psycho demon at night. She does turn at night. I shut her out of my bedroom now. Three nights ago, I taunted her, saying, tell me your name, demon, tell me your name....I laughed and pushed further, asking her again, and she turned on her paws and just flew at me to attack me. LOLOL.....Yes, thank you for the clarification. She only does this with me, not my daughter or anyone else.

I have always been a loner, even though I am very animated and have good communication with people. Still, my will has always been wholly attached to my journey, and it is why I achieve more, and my spirituality excels when I am single and alone. I am not focused on a partner, and my sense of purpose is always more geared, and my intuition is much more heightened when I am not emotionally involved with someone. My emotions are my barrier to my intuition. I've known this for many, many years. I can't foresee my emotional connections; I can only see snippets of beginnings and outcomes in my personal relationships. Everything else in my life and all other people I can see as straightforward as you see the trees and stars and moon.

There is a clear difference between hope and seeing what is coming. It is like an absolute solid knowing it will happen, and it always does. Then there are things of danger, loved ones who have been in trouble in the past. I have sensed it as it is happening and before it happened. The most significant was when my parents had a fire at their house during the night. My sister, who was staying there, would have been in a severe way if I hadn't been awoken by smelling smoke, feeling my skin burning and seeing my parents faces in my mind's eye. I knew they were in danger of a fire. Dad managed to stop it, and my sister was okay; it had lit next to the room she was sleeping in downstairs, my parents slept upstairs.

I have experimented in all the occults of white, black and dark magic. I recently told the psychiatrist guy who wants to date me, who was interested in knowing more that the sacrifices are pointless, even the tools used, voodoo dolls and herbal bits. To perform is much the same as manifestation. You only need intention, thought, and outcome and, of course, nature where energy also lays, and you can manipulate that to enhance it, like pulling from the moon or suns energy, the wind, water, trees, any nature that is living and carries energy.

The only difference to be able to protect yourself is to not invite spirit in. Especially darker forces, which are very much the dark of the light. They will attach to you and not let go for years. I am often much more susceptible to darker ones at night. It sounds silly, but our defences are lower by night. In the early hours, we tire, and our energy is a low hum. We are more still and open. I have toyed with darker forces but set the boundaries, and they do not faze me. I know how to manage my energy and theirs and situations.

In the last few years, I began to be able to see physical people by remote viewing. I focus on them, and I see them, see what they are doing. However, this is intrusive, and so I don't do it often only if I know they are thinking about me and we're not speaking. For example, 'my ex guy' is still often thinking of me, and I have documented it here. When he does, I know what his emotions are feeling, and I know what he is thinking about, I can see the images connected to his emotions, and as I feel and know these things, I can see him in real-time. This is remote viewing.

Not sure why I just wrote all of this, but hey ho :) best get ready for this date xx :)

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