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2021-06-26 23:10:42 (UTC)

Not the best day ever🙄

The day didn't start right. I sensed all day that I should just hunker down for the day but did I listen to my instinct? Of course not because I'm stupid. The gym was good. Only thing that was good. The peeps got together after gym and we decided we're going to hang out this coming Monday after gym class. Going to Strad Meadery after gym. Anyway, back to this crazy Saturday.

I went to get an estimate for the next mod on my truck. The front camera kit came in. It'll let me see the existing rear camera and the new front camera at anytime even during driving. It's hard to see when 4 wheeling because the hood is pretty high and you can't see what directly in front of you. Well, this kit will take care of that. However, I got a couple of estimates and it's crazy. These guys think they're doctors or something. Should not take more than 1-2 hr to install. I got estimates of $300, $260, and $500 and I already have the parts!!! All this is labor. Well, I call bs on that. Not paying $260 for something that'll take 1-2 hrs to install.

Went to Trader Joes to shop after class. Tried charging and it got denied. Got home and found out my credit card company locked my card due to suspicious activities. Well, it was one weird charge so they put a stop to it. I didn't know till I called. The operator asked me if I charged a charge to...get this.. "Total Love". Sounds pervy huh? I may be but I didn't charge to any of those sites. I asked again and the credit card rep said the same thing "Total Love". I asked her to spell it out. It ended up being "Total AV" aka: Total anti-virus. It's an app that renewed my subs without authorization. Don't know how that rep got total love out of that. Who's the perv now huh? Well, I may still be but at least my mind is not so much in the gutter that I mistakenly pronounce Total AV with Total love!! That was the start of the bad day.

I work early in the morning. I need to physically be at work by 3AM. It'll be a very dark parking lot outside of our bldg so I wanted to take my Acura TL instead. I wanted to start her up just to be sure and yup.....dead battery. No problem, I just need to plug in my battery charger. Stay home and not get into anymore trouble but you know I did. Looked around for the charger. Could not find it. Going thru the garage shelves when I felt a tug on my left arm near my elbow. Didn't hurt but it was tugging on me. I take a peek and sure enough. One of my fishing lures hooked my elbow. It was no teenie-weenie lure too. It was a bait-fish imitation lure. This means one lure a bunch of hooks. I stop what I was doing and wen't "oh crap" I need to work tonight. I cannot go to the emergency on a Saturday and wait forever to get treated.

So I did a diy procedure or at least tried to anyway. Hook in? Ok, route it back out the hole it came in. Easy-peasy right? Nope!! The barb was making it jam and grabbed onto my flesh on the inside not letting the hook back out. Pull as I might, it had a hold on me. I call my friends. It' s Saturday...everyone is out partying. Sigh... Ok, I found one guy. Big guy too. He should be able to get a cutter and cut the hook. But nope. His answer? He can't stand the sight of blood and may pass out!!! The is a 5'10" 300 lb guy we're talking about. His man card? Revoked!!!

One friend that lives near me is also out. She said she'd come home and take me to emergency. I told her I just needed someone to cut the hook out with a cutter. I can't do it because I had dull cutters and my free arm is not my dominant arm.Plus I found it's hard to focus when there is a hook on your elbow. So plan B. Walk to my neighbors house and ask for help. Nope!! They are home. I saw them earlier but they like to keep to themselves. So much for the bonding community. Remind me to play some heavy metal music in the coming weeks. So there I was, still got this fricking hook in me. The lure has like 6 fake fish and hooks on it so I could even add to the problem. Finally gave up and walked home with not my fish lure in hand but instead I guess I could say with fish lure in elbow.

My friend suggested crimping the barb and just pull the hook back the way it came in. But to do that, I have to push the hook into my elbow even more and have it pop out my elbow making two holes. No choice. Friend was coming to take me to the hospital. Didn't care to stay up all night in the waiting room. Instead, I pushed the hook more into me turning back up and out so it pops back out! For some reason, I must have elastic super skin or something because I could not get the point of the hook to pop back out of my elbow. I was turning the hook so much but it instead sort of tented my flesh. Like something wanting to pop out of my elbow skin like in the movie Aliens. I couldn't stand the pain anymore so with my free hand I just pushed on the flesh where the hook was trying to come out and got the pointy part of the hook out. So now I got two holes and I can't go backwards or forwards. Great!!!

I do recall I have a dremmel. So... I cranked up the baby and started filing out the barb with this little grinding stone. It was working but I could feel when the little stone was spinning grinding down the hook, it was shaking or vibrating the hook too. My nerves sure did love that feeling!! Not!!!! Imagine a needle in you and someone decide to wiggle the needs frantically. Yeah, that's how it felt like. Anyway, I had no choice so I had to grind away. Finally, it was smooth and barbless free. Pulled the hook back out the way it came in and voila!! Hook was out baby!! Some bleeding but meh, I'll survive.

That was how my fun Saturday day off was. Note to self. Stay the effe home and avoid getting into more trouble. Need to get up in a couple of hrs so good night diary. Some of my fun filled day pics below. While I know it wasn't the best of days, I also know that there will be good days ahead. I got this and I'm keeping my man-card. Pending another participation medal. hehe.

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