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2021-06-22 01:19:00 (UTC)

Space Cadet Wants to Pay for Anime Boobs


What an interesting week it’s been so far. Event-wise, not much has happened. But I’ve been experiencing quite the mixture of feelings. For starters, I’m both excited for and dreading the upcoming weekend. Which is something I never though I’d say. I have my cousin’s graduation celebration going on this Saturday – and that’s something I’m looking forward to. It’s the stuff before that that’ll be the real gauntlet. I scheduled a repair with the mechanic the AAA guy recommended me for Saturday morning. Once my alternator gets fixed/replaced, I’ll have done the easy part. The hard part will be to drive to the dealership of the one car I was looking at and try my hand at purchasing a car on my own. I know I’m really psyching myself out here and I’ll have to try with ever fiber not to just back out of at least interacting with a salesperson there. The thought makes me feel really anxious. As I mentioned, the other issue is having to part with my current vehicle of 10 years. I’m trying to convince myself not to think about that aspect of what’s to come too much – at least not until I follow through with it. I can grieve all I want afterwards, when the emotional turmoil doesn’t risk inaction on my part. Gotta get punched and then cry about it, not the other way around. That’s my idea of a relatable analogy. I doubt it was very relatable.

That aside, yesterday and today have been good days. Work has been quite chill, I feel good so far this week in that regard. I’m 36 episodes away from finishing Bleach, so it sounds like I’ll be done watching it early next week. Really liking it so far, and perhaps I’ll say more on that when I’ve actually completed it. I strive for 10 episodes a day, then watch some stuff on Youtube. Lately I’ve been watching these “Ask Reddit” videos, which have been really intriguing (in a lot of ways). In other news, I started messing around on FL Studio again, making this beat that’s been in my head for like a year or so now. Quite pleased with the progress so far. I’ve also been playing a lot of Maitetsu – such a cute, lovely visual novel! Apparently there’s an 18 patch to allow the player to view certain scenes that were removed in the Steam version… and I don’t know if I should get it or not. I don’t really care about the “moral” aspect of it, but rather whether or not it’ll tarnish the otherwise amazing, heartwarming and mostly innocent experience I’m having with it right now. The good thing is that the 18 scenes are separate from the game – they don’t show up midstory. They’re only accessible directly from the main menu. So if anything, I don’t have to consider them as canonical occurrences. Which compels me in the direction of shamelessly tossing my $15 to FAKKU for the DLC. Guess we’ll find out. I’m in no rush for it, though – I’m only on the first character route (for Hachiroku – ahh she’s so cute!), and there are like eight total (for a potential of 70 hours of play – I’m at about 15 right now). I can look to getting the patch maybe once I’m through car agony, at the earliest. Oh – I’ve also been playing Gex 64: Enter the Gecko, which is actually a replay-through for me. Gex, however small, is such a fun series. Nothing astronomical, but a lot of fun. And Gex himself is one of the coolest video game characters in existence, what with his amazing quotes and pop culture references. I’d say he’s up there with Earthworm Jim, easily. They could probably really hit it off if they ever met.

And now, saving the best for last… news on my daki! Absolutely nothing new T_T It’s still chilling out in Melrose Park, Illinois, and I guess it’s just waiting to get shipped out to my local post office or whatever. I found out that it made it from its point of origin (in Texas) to a DHL warehouse in Illinois, so it hasn’t even been touched by USPS yet (I guess). That would explain why the USPS site states that the label has been made, but the item has not yet been received. I wish I could at least know when it would arrive. Like it’s so annoying to be so expectant for its delivery! At the same time, I guess it’s kinda fun too. Would be better if I didn’t have “car problems” lingering in the back of my head as I wait for summer Santa Claus to stuff Hifumi Takimoto’s tightly-clad body into my mailbox. But what are ya gonna do? I feel like I’m Scott Pilgrim waiting at the door immediately after ordering whatever he ordered when he was trying to meet that one girl again. Except I’m actually excited for the package itself. But yeah, I’ve been refreshing the USPS/DHL pages like crazy. I just wish I could know when it’d arrive!

Must be sad that I’ve spent so much page space talking about a body pillow. But like I always say – this is my safe space. This is the place where I can take off all my masks. The latest “Ask Reddit” video I watched posed a question to the effect of “what part of your personality do you always fake for others?” Quite a few answers regarding empathy, politeness, extroversion, cheerfulness, etc. It was kinda refreshing to see people being so vulnerable as to share such things. And yeah I get there’s a pretty moderate amount of anonymity for posters on a Reddit thread but still – admitting things like that (and not just that question, but other questions too) even to oneself is admirable in my opinion. The first thing that came to my mind for things I fake would probably be that I have normal hobbies. To the world, I enjoy running, writing, traveling, doing crafts, and writing postcards. Then to make myself at least slightly interesting – juggling and playing video games. While that all is true to various extents, I’m very closed off about my truest hobbies. Running is something I do like once a week – I like it a lot, and I do it for more reasons than just to exercise, but it’s not something I’m crazy about, and certainly couldn’t speak intelligently on (e.g. with “best running practices”). Juggling is pretty unique to me, and I’m quite proud of myself for knowing how to do it, but it’s very much a “side thing”. I don’t plan to do public performances and I kinda feel capped out in my skill level. I don’t dedicate a whole lot of time to it – though I did win that one talent show contest on The Friends Club, so that was something. Writing postcards is probably the ideal hobby to bring up to someone if they were to seek to get to know me slightly better than surface-level. It’s pretty interesting to talk about, and I can boast quite the collection of cards. Plus I love sending postcards. Fun fact: on this last trip to Somerville, I was writing postcards at Lucid Coffee Co., and I had all my postcard stuff lying around on the table (cards, stamps, stickers, etc.) This one girl came in, ordered something, and on her way out stopped to ask me what I was doing (like, in a curious way, not a ridiculing one). I did my unprepared one-minute spiel on Postcrossing like a bumbling idiot, but she said she thought it was cool/cute. So even though I suck at the social, that was kinda rad. Hehe :P

Anyway, the rest of the hobbies are kind of a means to an end to fulfill my massive weeby or obscure desires. Outside of writing this stuff, I write stories based in anime (like the last one I did – which I have yet to return to for revising, dang…) I also occasionally still write song lyrics. But as of lately, those have also been laced with anime references too (my lyrics in one of them even mention Kurumi Tokisaki from Date A Live haha). For traveling, while I love traveling to countries that are not Japan… I REALLY love traveling to countries that ARE Japan. Which is probably partially why I visit Maido so often. Uhh what’s next… ah, doing crafts. Many of my crafts have some roots in anime or video games, like the replica of T.T. from Diddy Kong Racing I made, or the cosplay of Brian from Quest 64 I made two years ago, or the framed posters I made with anime stickers that I hang in my room. The video games hobby is pretty self-explanatory, although when someone asks me what kinds of games I play, I usually just say “Nintendo games” or something. As much of a Pokemon lover as I am, I don’t play Pokemon games that often. I’m usually playing retro N64 stuff or visual novels with lolis and stuff on Steam, or Skullgirls. Okay I said something about my truest hobbies… that would definitely be playing video games and watching anime. And integrating anime themes in my entire life. Is there a word to describe the general culture of anime/manga? Like I would never go into detail with anyone, save for The Friends Club member and a few really, really close people in my life, about the extent to which I’m like this. Like obviously the dakimakura is a big one… and I don’t even know if I’ll share that with anyone any time soon (if at all). Then my sheer amounts of wall scrolls, postcards, figurines, manga, stickers, posters, convention merchandise, keychains… my bedroom is practically straight outta Akihabara. That’s the kind of stuff I absolutely adore though! I also love trying to make grimy beats on FL Studio, and doing “let’s play” videos for Youtube, and not doing those things for a while just to pick them back up again and restart where I left off, and contemplating the meaning of life, and challenging myself to freeze each moment, and coming up with song lyrics about silly, fun things like how awesome the weekend is, and rolling down the street blaring tunes from Aikatsu!, and watching wholesome anime shows in my bedroom while snuggled up under four blankets atop my memory foam beanbag, with my stuffed friends around me watching it too, and reading manga out on my balcony in the temperate air, and spending time on The Friends Club server while talking in VC or rolling in the Mudae bot, and finding things to decorate in my home, and chasing random whims to see where they take me, and dancing in the kitchen to anime openings while cooking spinach tacos, and – lastly, though not limited to everything I mentioned – writing run-on sentences like the above. I like a lot of stuff.

I really have no idea what my goal was for sharing all of that. It started off with me sharing some input on what kinds of things I fake about my personality, and ended up just being me stating the kinds of hobbies and interests I don’t really share about with other people. In heavy-butt detail. I’ll come back to read this someday and question what I was on when I wrote it. Ah well. Into the private time capsule this, too, goes.