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2021-06-02 01:13:00 (UTC)

Space Cadet Worships Clannad

[WARNING: more Clannad spoilers ahead]

Dr. Wood XXXII

This might actually be my first same-day entry, since my last one was way early this morning. I am giving myself ten… er, no – nine minutes to write another entry about Clannad. I’m gonna go out on my balcony to read some Kimi ni Todoke afterwards, and I wanna do that before it gets too dark. Anyway… I just finished the VN. And I gave it standing ovation. This is a masterpiece. It is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever witnessed in my life. That might be bold of me to say but I’m just gonna say it because it’s how I feel.

The true ending… where Nagisa lives through her childbirth… brought me to even more tears than yesterday, I think. The way I interpret it is, when Tomoya collected all the lights from those in his life (I say “collected” loosely since I’m sure it’s more metaphorical than that), they were the ones that allowed his wish to be granted. Those lights represent the thoughts and emotions of the town’s constituents… amid all their joys and hardships and expressions of love, they created a miracle. That miracle was to make the dreams of both Tomoya and Nagisa (and I suppose Akio & Sanae too) come to fruition. I witnessed so many dreams getting crushed up to that point… and to have them finally realized… is so beautiful. I’m on a bit of an emotional high right now so I’m sure my interpretations come off pretty elementary-level. There’s a lot I want to ponder over, especially with the girl under the tree at the end (who I’m assuming was the one in the Illusionary World). It might also take watching the anime to get a better understanding of it too. I think though that I don’t wanna look up the answer. This is one where I want to keep my interpretation. It’s moved me in so many ways and I want to savor that feeling.

Yeah, so much more I could say about it. Maybe it’s worth discussing with others, too. I know I said I wanted to avoid obligation towards a “canon” interpretation, but at least talking it over can’t hurt. Also, there’s nothing wrong with holding an interpretation of my own. Man. This VN. This may have changed my life. Another bold statement… but fudge it, I feel moved to say that. Clannad is a masterpiece. I’m so grateful to my friend Tyson who got me to start it, which was like a few years ago. He’ll be proud of me haha. I did it. I experienced the extraordinary work of art known as Clannad.

Okay I’m back and I felt like writing more. I just realized how I want to express my admiration of this game’s profundity – it humbled me. I feel like my conveyance of that admiration can’t truly encompass how I feel about it. The more I think about it, the more I notice that. For example… the Illusionary World’s wish-granting nature… I think that was tapped into when Akio and Sanae vowed to always be by Nagisa’s side. They’d done so much for their community, and for their daughter… so when Akio brought Nagisa to that open area, that’s when it took effect. That’s also the same area where that mysterious sleeping girl was found – albeit, it was the site of a hospital rather than an open area any more. Just the concept of all those relationships with people yielding a “magic” to make miracles happen is so beautiful. The way it’s portrayed in the game is incredible. I feel so little compared to its themes and concepts. Like not in a bad way – I’m just speaking to how immensely powerful their effects on me are. I wish I could remember this feeling forever. But as exhibited in the transience of the game, that too will come and go. I can always rekindle it though, e.g. with watching the anime. What an extraordinary work of art this was. I said that already, didn’t I?

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