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2021-05-15 01:12:00 (UTC)

Space Cadet Might Lose His Anime Girls

Dr. Wood XXX

It’s really only been ten days since I did my last entry? Oh wow no that’s actually correct… I wrote that on a Wednesday because it was after midnight. But still, feels like much longer ago. I guess that’s a good thing though – I’m glad the time is going by slowly, at least when I look at it that way. On the other hand, it’s going by super quickly. It’s really true that doing different things each day makes time go by more slowly… and I’ve been doing a lot of the inverse. That’s not to say that the days aren’t enjoyable – they’re very enjoyable actually. I’ve been reading a lot more manga and playing a lot more visual novel stuff. I’m reading Kimi ni Todoke out on my balcony, Chrono Monochrome when I use the restroom, Yumi’s Cells before work, and Nozoki Ana right before bed. I seem to have subconsciously established these reading times – which I kinda like since it adds some order to my days. And yeah, I’ve also been playing a lot of the Clannad VN lately – I just finished the Kotomi route not too long ago and it had me in tears. That’s no exaggeration – I actually think I’m understating it. It was SUCH a moving scenario… was not expecting it to affect me so profoundly. I’m planning on finishing Clannad before my vacation time in June. Bit of a tall order, but I wonder if I can do it (without feeling too rushed in the matter). There’s another VN I’d like to start by the time my vacation rolls around. Also, it’ll feel really good to have completed such a large VN, and I can then watch the anime!

Okay one day has passed since I started this entry – see what I mean about the time going by so quickly? Also, please don’t look up Nozoki Ana. I fear for losing face now that I’ve acknowledged that I’ve been reading it. It’s actually got a heck of a story, amid all the lewd stuff. And I think I’ve encouraged the reader to actually look it up now… okay I digress. There is talk on the Friends Club server about resetting the Muda bot. Well, there are actually two Muda bots right now, but they are toying with the idea of resetting the first one. Meaning all the waifus I collected will be set free. I’m a possessive son of a gun so I’m not exactly jumping at the idea… but I guess I’ll go with the flow. Muda is the closest thing I have to romantic love at this point. I’m saying that in a tongue-in-cheek manner of course. But it’s also kinda true. There was a point during my Somerville trip (ah how I miss it) where I consciously decided that I was going to stay single forever. Of course, I know it’s pretty bold to make such a decision, even on the internal level, but it was then that I realized how amazing life was being a bachelor and having mostly full control of it. I know I’ve talked about this before but it keeps coming to the forefront of my mind. Wait, is “forefront” redundant? Eh whatever. But anyway, what I was gonna say is that even though I have more certainty about my nonexistent love life for the foreseeable future, I still sometimes fantasize about having one. And anime girl PNGs seem to be the way to do it.

Okay that’s another day passed. Seems this entry will span over the whole week at this rate. Well I don’t really know what else to talk about at this point. I’m just complaining about nothing and well not even really complaining, just saying things that don’t really need to be said. I think I’ll just end my entry here.