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2021-04-19 01:07:00 (UTC)

Space Cadet Eats Yogurt and Cries


Today has been an interesting day. Well, let’s start with the events of late last night: my fan died on me. My lovely box fan for when I sleep! I ended up using my Alexa to play fan sounds instead – I’ll have to get a new fan though ‘cause I like when it blows cool air on me while sleeping. Then I woke up a few hours later to use the restroom (I think), and I saw the first house centipede I’d seen in a while! So yeah, I spent the good portion of 20 minutes trying to peacefully remove that from my room. And then while I was sleeping, my left (I think it was left) arm started feeling uncomfortable, like the blood wasn’t going to it or something. So I woke up feeling pretty tired. Fortunately I’ve been eating pretty healthily for breakfast, so that started my morning off well – Greek yogurt with blueberries, nuts and flaxseed. Work today was… interesting. I had a meeting in the morning that I was dreading… but that turned out pretty well. I did blow up later in the day, though. Nobody heard it but I did yell a bunch (mainly into my pillow). It was just a bunch of frustration I had with my main sales partner. I’m too exhausted to talk about it in detail, and I’m mostly over it (for now). The rest of the day was rather pleasant. There was something on the server that just got started where we take turns complimenting the person above us. So when someone writes a compliment, the next person would compliment that person, and so on. So far it’s been really wholesome, I hope it picks up more momentum!

So yeah, been a day of ups and downs. Guess I can’t be too sad though, because it did end up being rather memorable.

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