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2021-04-03 01:06:00 (UTC)

Space Cadet Wets Himself Over Girls' Last Tour

[WARNING: Girls' Last Tour spoilers ahead]

Dr. Wood XXVII

Reading my last entry was amusing. Actually hold on – first I wanna say dang, two months since my last entry… I’m writing in this diary at the same rate I respond to people’s messages. I’m terrible. Okay now back to what I was saying – reading my last entry was amusing. I won’t dookie on what past Tyler said this time, though – I still, to put it lightly, would not mind having a cute girl I can summon at will to tell me I’m cool. Makes me think about where that falls in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. I feel like I get closer and closer to self-actualization, yet at the same time I’m also craving much shallower needs (or desires, perhaps). What does one do when he or she self-actualizes, anyway? Oh I think I remember reading somewhere that it then becomes about helping others to self-actualize. Lemme corroborate that with a quick Google search. Oh okay so there’s a thing called self-transcendence… which I guess is related to reaching beyond the human condition? I just watched a video talking a bit more about it… one thing that was said was how challenges faced at the point of self-actualization are largely because of the human condition, not because of technical limitations. A really interesting perspective! Okay I veered off the topic that I never had… oh but yeah, I guess I could apply that to the case above. If I were to consider myself as self-actualized now (I don’t really know if I fully am, but that’s a moot point), then what could I say is stopping me from creating the ideal partner? While I don’t think the capabilities for it exist today, someday they probably will. The dread of participating in the work needed to make it a reality would probably be the thing keeping me from doing it now, if that makes sense. I actually don’t know if any of that makes sense. Whatever, let’s just move on.

About an hour or so ago I finished watching Girls’ Last Tour… and it was AMAZING! It was SO GOOD! Shortly after watching I even impulse-bought the whole manga set (only 6 volumes in total, though), which is due to arrive on Thursday (today is Saturday). Can I just rant about how awesome that show was, just for a bit? So it’s an anime show (adapted from a manga) featuring two girls traveling around in a post-apocalyptic world. They go around, trying to keep their food and fuel supply up, and all the while encounter pieces of the forgotten culture of the pre-apocalyptic world. That takes the form of things like books, song, photography, gravesites, alcohol, chocolate, etc. The show is good for so many reasons: 1.) it’s a cute slice of life show. It’s all about two girls exploring the world together, with one (Chito) being kind of the practical and knowledgeable “straight man”, and another (Yuu) being the playful and absentminded yet also precocious counterpart. There were so many cute and humorous parts that it kept my interest the whole time. 2.) While very much cute and fun at times, it has some deep melancholic undertones. I mean, it’s the product of devastation by war, so that in itself is enough to back up that claim. The show does well in blending the adorable with the dark. 3.) I think the main reason this show has become a favorite of mine is the themes it touches on. Every episode yielded a really thought-provoking topic, catalyzed by the exchanges between Chito and Yuu (and sometimes with the rare third party): what constitutes a living being, the value of one’s legacy, the beauty of transient moments, appreciation of the little things, the “spiraling” nature of life, etc. Stuff like this really gets my mind goin’! And even better yet – the themes are not presented in a way that’s pretentious or esoteric. You could just as easily enjoy the show without putting too much brainpower on what’s being said. It’s a freakin’ amazing experience! And, I have to just include one of my favorite quotes here, spoken by Ishii (one of the two humans Chito & Yuu encounter), who had just gotten done with a botched attempt at flying with a prototype plane: “It was no use after all. It was over so fast... I spent so long working alone. Working hard on this... But, well, once you fail, you feel so carefree.” Good lord I loved this show! Can’t wait to read the manga!

This reminds me – I wanna take a moment to really enjoy this bite of cookie I’m about to take. I know Yuu-chan loves her food – I feel like I got to vicariously enjoy the rations she would eat. So lemme do that right now and I’ll let you know how it is. Oh man that’s good stuff… the sugar is so inviting. Like I had eaten some homemade clam chowder some hours ago, and I had a lingering savory taste in my mouth. So that chocolatey goodness complemented it so well. One more bite quick – ahh life is so lovely. It might be because it’s Saturday and not Sunday, but I’m in a fairly dandy mood right now. Tomorrow I will enjoy Easter with my mom, brother and sister, and it looks like it’ll be sushi! Next weekend is gonna be lit – I will finally update my MAL with the insane amounts of anime I’ve watched since the last update. It’s been two months since I wrote in this diary so yeah, I’ve seen a fudge-ton more shows that I’ve acknowledged. Some notables: Cross Ange, an original that was highly unique and very entertaining; Sailor Moon (in the Viz dub, not the DiC dub – that’s important!), which I fell so in love with that I bought a bunch of merchandise from it (oh and I’ll have to revisit this at some point so I can express how much I love Ami Mizuno hehe); Aikatsu Friends, Aikatsu on Parade & Aikatsu Planet, all of which I watched (am watching, for Aikatsu Planet, as it’s still airing) after Stars; The Case Files of Jeweler Richard, which was surprising good and very wholesome; and Granbelm, a very enjoyable one that I’m still watching that involves girls in mechas. I’ve watched quite a few others but those come to mind first.

Oh yeah I said next weekend will be really rad (well I said “lit” but I wanted to use another adjective for varietal purposes), not just because of my long-anticipated MAL update but because I will be seeing my dad/stepmom/brother/sister for a for-the-heck-of-it visit… which is something I don’t do often! I will be having my siblings help me with organizing my postcards, and my stepmom offered to make something called “sushi stackers” (or something to that effect) with maybe some tea for the full Japanese experience! It’ll be so nice to hang out with them – oh, and in their brand new home! And then later, my friend Joe will be having a birthday party over Discord! I remember writing here the last time he had one, and I remember I THOROUGHLY enjoyed it. Ah, life is good. In other news, I’ve been playing a lot of Skullgirls lately – really practicing my share with Parasoul, and a little bit with Painwheel and Valentine. These names mean absolutely nothing to about 99.8% of the people in this world. But oh well.

Dang, I keep taking to long in between entries, and when I do that I end up having to talk a lot just to do catch-up. Hopefully I get the motivation to do another entry soon! Ah man… I’m still so enamored by Girls’ Last Tour…

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