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2021-01-05 01:03:00 (UTC)

Space Cadet Creates a Weeb Pad

Dr. Wood XXIV

Jeez it’s been two months since my last entry – I really need to start making these a little more consistent. It’s therapeutic to write down my thoughts so I think I could benefit from doing this more frequently. Anyway, I felt like it was a good time to write for a number of reasons. The foremost in my mind is that I found out that the father of one of my best friends passed away yesterday. It was Joe’s dad – and about five or six years back, his brother had passed away. Joe’s like just a month older than I am – I don’t think I’d be able to handle what he had to go through. Plus I know he’s dealing with a bunch of other stuff in his life. Ugh, it brings me down. I saw my friend’s mother’s post on FB about it and it made me tear up. Times like these I end up reflecting on things in my own life and if I should be reaching out to others more. I’ve become very introverted these days. Well, except with family. I’ll move to a new paragraph for that.

While the pandemic continues to rage on with a vengeance, I’ve been still able to visit family for the holidays. Christmas was so much fun despite having to miss out on seeing certain family members (we made up for it on the weekend of New Year’s, though). I will also be having my aunts and cousin over for dinner this Sunday – I’ll be cooking for them! I don’t remember if I even mentioned my gourmet grilled cheese (pretty sure I didn’t – that was after my last entry; I remember because I had it while watching Bloom Into You, and that was a few shows after Macross Frontier), but I will be making that for them! It’ll be my first time cooking that particular recipe for anyone. I’m not particularly nervous about it though. I know what I’m doing. And I’m just very excited to have them over! I visited them on New Year’s Day, somewhat on a whim. We had a really good time – we ate porkchops with mashed potatoes and sauerkraut. The sauerkraut was Hawaiian-style, though, so it had like soy sauce and pineapple. It was SO GOOD! Though I adore all food, sauerkraut is generally lower on my list. But the Hawaiian-style was amazing, didn’t taste the least bit sour. We also watched past Mummer’s parades on TV, played shuffleboard, and just talked a whole bunch while listening to some classic billboard hits on the Music Choice channel. It’s been two months but for some reason I felt like talking about that even more than Christmas or Thanksgiving or, heck, the fact that we’re done with busy season at work finally. I think I made it a point to myself to savor that time, and really treasure it. With it being kind of spontaneous I think I was more inclined to do so.

Work has been so quiet lately. After Thanksgiving, I had a week off and just relaxed the entire time. Played games like Catherine and Bayonetta, and watched a boatload of anime. Also started watching dubbed anime during work hours given the low volumes. By now, I’ve finished five shows and will finish a sixth either tomorrow or the next day: Yu-Gi-Oh, Powerpuff Girls Z, Cyborg 009, Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, and Oban Star Racers, with Zoids last on the list. I think after this week I’ll stop watching it at work and focus on training for my new role. I feel so productive when I watch shows at work because I really don’t think I’d have the focus to watch a 250 episode show like Yu-Gi-Oh during my regular free time. It hasn’t made me any less productive with my work so hey, carpe diem (am I using that correctly?) I guess while I’m talking about this (my, how quickly it shifted from talk of work to talk of my anime addiction), I’ll say that I’ve been going crazy over updating my MyAnimeList (MAL) profile and doing things on the server. I haven’t been insanely active on the server but I feel like I’m getting a lot closer to some of the people on it. There are some really cool friggin’ sons of guns on there, seriously. I’ve made a ton of incredible friendships. Anyway, in a few days I will add a bunch of shows I recently watched to my MAL list. I like adding them in bulk because it makes me feel accomplished (I’m weird like that). Since my last entry (where I was watching Macross Frontier), I’ve finished a HECK ton of shows. Some notable ones would be Macross Delta, Bloom Into You (which I mentioned), Angelic Layer, High School DxD (darn right I watched that), New Game! (a new fave of mine!), Shirobako (INCREDIBLE show), and Gal & Dino (also a fave of mine!). There are others but the ethnographers reading this probably already get the point. So yeah, I’ve been watching tons and tons of anime these days.

For Christmas I got some really cool things too! And I got to give some neat things to my family (obligatorily mentioning that so I don’t come off so materialistic… even though I am very much so). I’ve been trying to set up a sort of a gamer’s pad/weeb dungeon in my bedroom, so I now have a TV set up in there along with a manga shelf and (what I got for Christmas) a memory foam beanbag chair! It’s so much fun to relax there, with my stuffed buddies and like three blankets on me. I turn off the lights, turn on the box fan, play video games or anime, and just relax, maybe with a seltzer water or a Calpico drink. Ahh it’s the life! Watching Shirobako while cuddled up like that will remain a very fond memory for me. By the way, this is what I mean by my increased introversion XD Oh, another update I almost forgot to mention: I am incredibly close to finishing my book! I am on the last section of my last chapter. I could just tough it out and get it done but 1.) I want to enjoy it, not just “tough it out”, and 2.) this last section is so crucial for the whole story. I have to tie up all the loose ends with this final section. I know generally how I’m going to do it, but my execution needs to be on point. I will for sure proofread it multiple times and make a number of changes… but actually putting the last period in will be an accomplishment like no other. For like 11 or 12 years I’ve not been able to finish anything, and in just a few days I can say that I did. Oh, one other thing I should mention – I have another vacation coming up! Ten days off after this Friday – my aunts/cousin come over on Sunday, so even after that I’ll still have eight days off. It’s amazing! I’m really excited – don’t have much planned but that’s what makes it awesome.

I think this is a good stopping point for now. I’m really glad I got to type out some thoughts and updates. Tomorrow I will be starting men’s ministries over Zoom again, which I stopped doing due to the overtime. I actually don’t really wanna do it, but I don’t have the courage to say I want to stop attending. I’m not a Christian so it just feels weird, even though they all accept me and appear to enjoy my presence among them. I also will have to start posting on my APFY FB page again soon. That’s gonna take some effort to get back in the habit of, but at least with that I’m happy to continue (it’s just that it’ll take time and brainpower). Welp, three more days until my vacation. I’ll savor these three days nonetheless, though. I shouldn’t preoccupy myself with excitement and miss the present because of it.