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2020-10-18 00:59:00 (UTC)

Space Cadet Gets Decimated by Overtime

Dr. Wood XXII

Welp, it’s definitely been longer than a month since my last entry. Oh boy… it’s been a time. It’s certainly been a time. I recall feeling a bit apprehensive in my last entry about the upcoming overtime. Well it’s here, and it’s been here for a few weeks now. I’m going on my fourth week of maxed-out overtime – 15 hours. See – it’s not just the fact that I’m doing more hours; I’m doing a higher work-to-time ratio as well, if that makes sense. What I’m trying to say that it’s more stressful – the demand for getting things done is higher, and sales are more crucial. I swear there’s been so much that I’ve been asked to do, and so many just… awkward situations that really require a good level of judgment to resolve. I’m really happy that the “errors” thing hasn’t been prevalent much – I can identify a few instances where I did make errors, but not to the same degree as before and definitely none that have made me lose confidence in myself and basically hate life. Right now it’s really a matter of handling the workload and the demands of my sales partners (one in particular, actually…) I did recently get nominated for a SPOT award (I don’t remember what that stands for, though…), yielding a $300 bonus for me, so I am quite pleased with that (more so the recognition than the money, but hey, money is good too!) The overtime money is quite nice, I’ll admit… my bank account is looking pretty happy. Not that money has ever been an issue for me, though. I consider myself to be one of the lucky ones when it comes to how his money is doing. Or is it also something I can credit myself for? Don’t know, kind of a moot point.

Anyway, I’ve just been very exhausted from the overtime. This happens every year – it’s my fifth busy season at work, after all – and yet it really doesn’t get any easier. It just gets more… familiar, I suppose. For anyone reading this who might need some context (how conceited of me to think I’ll have an audience… but ya never know…): I work in group insurance (Guardian) as a rating analyst (training to become a risk underwriter). Because employers like to buy insurance for their employees early enough for a 1/1 effective date, October and early November tend to be the busiest times of the year for us. Therefore, they initiate mandatory overtime starting around late August. It jumped to 15 hours per week towards the end of September. It usually ends around mid-/late November, meaning I still have a few more weeks of this. With the pandemic kinda hurting our sales earlier in the year, I think some companies may be making up for lost time. That means even more work for us this Fall. But I could be jumping to conclusions on that one. That all being said… I’m just very drained right now. Thinking about going to work tomorrow (read: logging onto my computer from home) instills dread in me. I just really can’t wait for life to go back to normal. On top of that, I still can’t wait for normalcy to return from this dang pandemic. I heard other countries – particularly those in Europe – are facing another lockdown. This is just… ugh… I really really wanna take another trip to Somerville or Ardmore. It was so much fun doing those kinds of things. To think I might not even be able to do that once this busy season is over… guhhhh. I have time off coming up in December… might just be an introvert’s vacation haha.

Outside of work, things at home are going well I think. I’ve been WAY active on The Friends Club… got to meet some of the most extraordinary people ever. I absolutely genuinely love it here, it’s amazing. The people are the best. Like, there’s this aura of friendliness and love that pervades so strongly. While it has its moments of toxicity (usually by people who end up leaving the server by one means or another), all in all it’s very wholesome. I’ve been hanging out with people a lot more in voice channel (VC), and it’s been super cool. I’m on the server so darn much any more… and I realize I’ve not been tending to certain other things in life, like Postcrossing. I actually haven’t done any posts recently, which is kinda weighing on me a bit but also relieving. I’m sure I’ll get back to doing it after overtime is done… whether that’s a lie I’m telling myself or something I’ll actually follow through on, it brings me peace right now, and that’s all that matters at the moment. Gosh, I really love this server. I really feel at home with it, it’s incredible. Oh and update on the Muda bot (the waifu bot) – my harem is stacked. Okay that’s all I’ll say on that now.

Been watching a fudge ton of anime. Watching Macross 7 right now, and I’m digging it so far. The original Macross is in my top ten – looking forward to watching more 7 and then watching Frontier and Delta. I’ve been playing a bunch of Skullgirls – almost one arcade playthrough a day – and getting a lot better at it. Also still playing Clannad – I’m on the route for Kyou Fujibayashi. The problem is, in the game I’m dating Ryou Fujibayashi (her sister), and she’s the sweetest. But the main character has feelings for Kyou, and it’s like… heart-wrenching because I’m at the part where Ryou is asking if I really like her or not. I had to end the game before going any further – can’t cry on a Sunday. I’m already gonna be crying on Monday for different reasons. But anyway… oh yeah I’m playing a lot of Anime Music Quiz (AMQ) and Among Us too, with my friends on the Discord server. Also visiting family from time to time… hope I’m not neglecting them, though. I guess once overtime is done, I’ll see them more often. I just really don’t wanna leave home. Yeah, honestly the thought of them coming up here to visit is amazing. It’s the thought of leaving home that kinda bothers me. Not in the sense of trepidation or anxiety, though. Rather, it’s simply because the thought mentally drains me. Going to visit someone an hour away on a Saturday (for example) pretty much makes me think to myself “I have something I’m investing time in on Saturday, therefore making me busy that day, and therefore yielding no free time for that day”. Some stuff like that.

Okay I think I’ve spoken enough, kinda wanna watch an episode or two of anime before going to bed. I’m watching a few seasonal shows: Tonikaku Kawaii (watching this with the friends on The Friends Club), Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Gou, and Iwakeru – Sport Climbing Girls. Also wanna start watching Akudama Drive. And of course continuing Macross 7 and the ever-present Aikatsu Stars! I’m hoping I’ll write another entry soon – got a lot on my mind still but I spent so much of my time rewriting the backdrop of my current situation. Peace out and will write soon! (Hoping I will, at least…)

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