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2020-08-16 00:58:00 (UTC)

Space Cadet Starts a Harem

Dr. Wood XXI

Phew, another month already since the last entry! Life has been quite nice lately. My biggest woe at the moment would definitely be the onset of overtime, though that has yet to happen. Gotta have at least one problem, right? I’d like to take the time out to boast on how little stress there is in my life. Like, I seriously have the easiest life ever. I work from home each day of the week, in my pajamas, eating yummy PB&J sandwiches (with strawberry jelly, YUM) or rotini pasta with vodka sauce, drinking tea, playing jams, and doing something I feel confident in doing. And that’s my work life! My home life is… it’s a party. Every day. I love my life. So many good things in it. Let us recap, shall we? I’m in bragging mode after all!

First and foremost, I have been SO much more active on the Discord server. It’s called The Friends Club – no apostrophes, just The Friends Club – figured I’d mention that. So many awesome people there – like seriously they’re all homies (and homesses… wait what’s a female homie called? Oh a homegirl I guess. But doesn’t that have romantic implications?) I’ve been doing more voice calls with them and even video chats on occasion. And it’s just so darn chill! We watched an episode of Rent a Girlfriend together last Friday (I caught up on it for the occasion), and that was so fun. That voice call turned into like a six-hour ordeal where we just talked and hung out. It’s also where my bot addiction began. Okay seriously if someone’s reading this… sorry for everything. But fudge it. I’ll at least explain what the “bot” thing is. So there’s a bot on the Discord server that generates random waifus that are initiated by users’ “rolls” (which they have ten of at a certain time). You can claim them for your harem (you get like one claim every… three hours I think?) But of course, most of us don’t just claim randomly – we claim the ones that truly resonate with us! So that’s why I only have a few, despite seeing literally hundreds in a week. Right now I have Koharu Nanakura, Sawako Kuronuma and Aoi Kiriya (oh, and Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho, which one of the bros gifted to me). I mean I might as well be 100% authentic right now and gush over my harem. Just this once (sike, it’ll happen again). Aoi is from Aikatsu! (always have to have the “!” in the anime titled), and she’s the shizz. My favorite Aikatsu! song (“Stranger Alien”) is by her, and boy is that a banger. Sawako is from Kimi Ni Todoke, and she’s like the kindest ever. Dude I’m like shaking my head at myself right now… but like I said, fudge it. Oh and then there’s Koharu from Aikatsu Stars!, and she made my list because I actually had a dream about her a few weeks ago. And she’s super sweet. Okay so yeah there you have it. It’s honestly ridiculously refreshing to be this authentic right now. This is where current Tyler is at. And that’s quite all right, ‘cause I’m gonna revel in it for what it’s worth. But anyway, yeah, these people are so cool (the people on the server I mean… of course the waifus are cool too but that’s whom I’m referring to). On one of the calls, one of the guys asked us how we were all doing. But he added for us to skip the formalities and really share how we’re doing. Then today he mentioned how nice it was to have an honest conversation with a friend of his. Oh and he messaged me saying he thought I was a good person and was surprised by my honesty. And this is just one example of the camaraderie in this server. Like seriously, it’s a big family I feel like. I absolutely, truly truly love it.

One other new thing is that I made friends with someone who does world-record speedruns! He left a comment on my YouTube channel after watching my Lovely Planet series (oh yeah my YouTube channel is SilverCheesecake, for you ethnographers reading this #NoPromo), and it was a really uplifting comment. I responded, then he asked if I had Discord, and we became friends! Ever since, he’s been streaming speedrun attempts of the game, and it’s been AWESOME! He’s been awesome to hang out with – super chill and entertaining. Ah, and I’ve been doing more video chats with Tyson (my friend from work)! We’ve been having really good conversations as well, centering on both anime/games and life. He’s a friend I feel I’ve taken for granted during the years he was still working at Guardian, but better late than never I suppose. Still having great conversations with Ulli too, and keeping in touch with others. Would like to keep in touch with Yohana, Aderina, Yanni, Oscar, Kristin, Joe, etc. too. Really quite a few friends that have left a positive influence on me. And then family too! I went to my Aunt Carolyn’s house yesterday and hung out with some family, plus my brother whom I also had great conversations with (and of course crazy laughs). Guess I got a bit sentimental just now, but that’s quite all right! I’m gonna keep it rolling.

Postcrossing has been something I’ve strayed quite a bit from doing. It’s getting a bit tougher to keep up with writing my "A Postcard for You" (APFY) Facebook page/website posts, too. But I’m hanging in there. I did officially end my time with Rotary today, without having to pay my Rotary dues. I feel a little bad for not paying but I did offer to do so. As far as what else to talk about… eh, not sure. Things are going swimmingly. Oh yeah the story! I’m almost done with chapter 11. I’m probably not gonna finish it by the end of August like I planned to, but as I told Ulli, I think that was at least to get the fire under my butt so I’d make consistent progress. I’m pretty confident that I’ll finish this story, so I’m really excited. Just a bit daunted by the “endgame” of it, if you will. Haven’t finished a story in 10 years so yeah, I think it’s understandable why I’m intimidated a bit. But all good!

Guess that’ll be it for now! I’m getting ready to watch some Attack on Titan – started the series today. Finished watching as much Rent a Girlfriend and God of High School as has aired thus far (also started reading the God of High School webtoon ‘cause the anime is raaaad). I think some popcorn is in order. Yeah, it totally is. Glad I got to do an entry though! ‘Til next time (probably next month)!