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2020-06-21 00:55:00 (UTC)

Space Cadet Hugs Family for the First Time

Dr. Wood XIX

I seem to like doing these on Sundays, or at the ends of weekends (in the case of my last entry). I think it’s because it’s one last thing that makes me feel accomplished before the week starts. It’s finally gonna be a full week of work for me – which is kinda meh, but it’s not all that bad. Every day is a party. Every day is a holiday. It’s just sometimes I have to do a little remote work to make that happen. I have to remind myself of that constantly, though I’m getting better at remembering it. I was toying with the idea of making myself Japanese bentos for the week, although I would need to go to the grocery store first, which’ll happen this Thursday. What I need to do is have things that I can partake in during the week only – not the weekend. I was thinking maybe I should limit ice cream to the weekdays, for example? Though I do like weekend ice cream too. Oh, the dilemma. But yeah, how cool would it be to have a bento on break during work hours? I have to say – work has been incredibly bearable lately. With me still training for my new position, there are times of stress and times of great ease. I used to have some huge problems with errors, and it doesn’t seem to be the case much anymore. I still make some here and there, but not to the frequency of before. Then again, I’m comparing to last year’s busy season, so it’s not completely comparable.

Though the outbreak is still going on, I did get to visit some family in the past few weeks. I got to see my mom’s side twice, and my dad’s/stepmom's side just today. For the latter, I did succumb to breaking from social distancing… which I’m a bit uneasy about, but probably only because I feel bad for giving in to it. That’s really the only reason… I’m not exactly that scared of contracting the virus from family members. It’s just not immediately apparent to me that it could happen (even though my logic tells me that family interactions are no safe zone). Whatever though – I think I’ll just capitalize on overcoming the anxiety today and just start hugging family. Gosh it’s such a weird thing to say – like “hugging family” could have ever been a problem. Today was a lot of fun, though – really glad I got to hang out with the family. My dad did point out that my tires looked low on air… and one wheel had a PSI of 10 (standard for my car is 35… oof…), so I did feel embarrassed by that. Car matters have always been so troublesome for me. It’s like the more I think about them, the harder they are to get myself to pay attention to. It’s completely my fault and I understand that. But, it’s just really tough to get myself to care more about it all, even though I want to. It’s probably like exercise, though I do run every Saturday and I lift dumbbells every so often. Nothing close to what I should be doing, though. Oh well. Every day is an opportunity to do better.

In other news, I joined an anime community! I found a club on MyAnimeList (MAL), which oh you know what I think I talked about this already. Well, I talked about that I was thinking about joining it. And I did! I got to meet some really nice and chill people on the Discord server of the club (the club is “The Friends Club”). That’s been really fun. I’d been wanting to talk with others who have very similar interests, and it seems I’ve finally accomplished that! Also been watching quite a bit of GameGrumps, particularly their Sonic Heroes playthrough (which has been hilarious). Waiting for them to upload another episode of it… hope they haven’t quit yet! Oh, and for the anime I’m watching – Toradora! is my next one. I just finished Golden Time, which was a bit of a tear-jerker at the end! Also still watching To Love Ru… such a weirdly feel-good go-to ecchi show for me. I’ve gotten to the point though where I don’t feel awkward watching the ecchi scenes. I mean, I’m by myself, so it really isn’t a big deal. But yeah – I’m gonna be sad when I’m finally done watching. SIKE! That just means I’ll have to start reading the manga or something. Then I can get my doses of Haruna and Yui and… yeah there’s a majorly long waifu list for this one. Not ashamed.

My story is going super well! I just made it to chapter 7, putting me almost officially halfway done. I mean, I consider it to be halfway done at this point; it’s just that I have a few things to add to each of the preceding chapters. But I’m going to do that when I finish chapter 11. Gosh I can’t believe I’ve made it this far and still have a pretty clear idea of how it’s all going to transpire. Chapter 7 is where it’s finally gonna get… dark. Chapter 7 won’t be ridiculously dark… but chapter 8 will. Chapter 9 will be absolutely brutal. Chapter 10 will be slightly tamer, but compounded from the events of 9 it will just seem like a spiraling mess. Chapter 11 will be the last surge of despair. Chapter 12 will be where all the answers are revealed. Ahh see this is what I was missing when I tried to write my previous stories! I just didn’t have a clear idea of what was supposed to happen. “The Circus of Dreams”, the one with the altruistic kid with the imaginary rabbit friend, the other one with Maddie Cruz and that one guy whose name eludes me, the one that I might still finish with the people that get called idiots… they all got dropped. Heck, the Maddie Cruz one got dropped just after the halfway point. It was in part due to shifts in my values, but I know I had no idea what was to come after that halfway point. My Danganronpa fanfiction, on the other hand… is a bit of an exception. I have a decent idea of how I want it to go down. But it’s become an insanely massive beast. I haven’t even finished chapter 1 and it’s easily over a hundred pages. It’s too mammoth of a task for me, with a foreseeably meager return on investment. Here’s to hoping Danganronpa is timeless so I can finish writing it when I’m bored at the age of 80. Oh man I don’t even wanna think about that, though… kinda hoping I just cap out at 50. But I didn’t say that…

Anyway, that’s about all I wanted to talk about. Looking back, I see I’ve had a pretty healthy attitude towards life, and I’m so so grateful to have that outlook. My brother’s been having some struggles with that, and with some things going on in his life… so I know I sometimes take for granted how nice things are going for me right now. The relationship thing is still something that pops into my mind, though I think I’ve talked about it before. Actually, I don’t know if I have, now that I think about it. I did a recording about it, which I sent to my friend Ulli, so it’s definitely in my Whatsapp history somewhere. Oh yeah I starred it… good job me. Maybe I’ll talk more about it another time. For now, gonna watch some anime and head to bed. Just another normal nighttime routine for me. And I love it.

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