Dr. W's Space Travels
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2020-05-21 00:48:00 (UTC)

Space Cadet Does Braining

Dr. Wood XIII

So this is gonna be my fifth Dr. Wood session of May 2020… I really outdid myself here. This has truly become like a life diary to me, and in a way I hope someone in the far future reads this so that my thought patterns can be transposed vicariously. Is that even proper English, or is it just me trying to use fancy words? No matter. I was just thinking that maybe when the outbreak has completely gone away, I might not do these nearly as frequently as I do them now. But that’s okay – my future personal ethnographic museum will have a spike in data just for this month. Better than nothing, right?

I am falling in love with Gal & Dino. I really hope there are more than seven episodes, because if not, then my last episode happens tomorrow. I’ve also just finished writing the first chapter of my newest story! I anticipate maybe 12 chapters (which would be akin to a standard 12-episode anime series, I guess). So far the momentum feels solid. I thought maybe reporting on my progress would jinx my flow but it seems to be oddly encouraging, in the sense that I can boast in each session that I did at least a little bit. Successes like this happen in little bits, after all. What else is coming along well… the music-making has been on and off. I’ve been listening to my music more than making it lately, but that’s all right. When you have a ton of hobbies, the ebb and flow of them is natural, I think. And really, I’m grateful for all the hobbies I have: playing video games, watching anime, writing stories, making beats, juggling, running, Postcrossing… I’d even put reading and cooking up there. And talking with family and friends (and hanging out with them, although the outbreak is straining that a bit of course).

I don’t really have anything profound to say this time. I guess I shouldn’t force myself to come up with stuff when I’d much prefer to go to bed. I mean, I’d love to write something, but I’m sure it’d be even more nonsensical than anything I’ve already written. I’m 10:45pm-braining right now. Wait, “braining” is a word? There’s no red zigzag under it… what the heck does the verb “brain” mean? I mean, obviously I attributed a meaning to it on my own to convey my inability to think as an incapacity to “brain”… but I didn’t know there was already some sort of meaning to it. Probably in a different sense, I suppose. All right it’s sleepy sleep time. I’m 10:47pm-braining… the difference between that and 10:45pm-braining is hardly “minute”. Hehe. Sleep. Now.