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Through the Looking-Glass
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2021-06-25 23:24:16 (UTC)

Trouble in Paradise :P

Haha, even the psychiatrist fucks around, an older man too. Well, I'll be damned, lol. However, I am no longer surprised by this or by men and their antics. They play their games from all statuses of life. It makes no difference if they're married either, nope.

So, let me explain. The psychiatrist (Johnny) and I agreed to chat on the phone at 7 pm, but as 7 pm passed, fifteen minutes later, he asks can we make it for 8.35 pm. LOL...He was still working; he is a workaholic, works until 9 pm. So, firstly I think, hmm, strike one. As he couldn't keep to the arrangement, bearing in mind I did mention last night, let's wait until you finished work, but he insisted.

So, I get busy making more orders for my business, losing track of time, and calling him at 8.38 pm. He doesn't answer. Strike two. I wait for him to respond, call back, something? By just gone 10 pm, he says, he was driving and had waited from 8.30 pm to 8.35 pm for me to call while sitting in his car in the car park of his workplace then needed to drive. *coughs* B.S.....

He then goes on to say, his 27-year-old son was outside his house with his girlfriend when he got home, and he is chilling with them....*coughs* more B.S

So I straight forward on him - which kind of was a bit bitchy, but I briefly told him, I invest in people who invest in me and if he thinks offering a few minutes to talk to me on the phone (when getting to know me) is sufficient then we're on two different paths. I told him I'm not unfair, or unequal and I always give strangers an element of trust as I do not like to judge them on others people's actions and that I am emotionally strong enough to manage if they let me down. That is a reflection on them, not me. I told him I would give him the benefit of the doubt and leave it in his hands to decide whether he will call me. And if he decides he doesn't have time for me, then that is fine, because other's do.

The doctor sent me some messages on the pro dating app, but I couldn't be bothered to answer. I had a few more guys contact me too, I just glanced over the messages but didn't engage yet.

Mr Builder still texting and his usual funny, bright self. However, because the psychiatrist irritated me with his lack of reliability, I took a little bite at Mr Builder, lol. I was a dickhead. Messaging him with, "You're unavailable quite a lot, aren't you?" He isn't, lol, he is always texting, and today, like yesterday, he has been looking at my photos a lot and complimenting me, saying he wants to be closer to me but will wait for me.

LOL, some of the messages he sent today made me laugh...(I call him Bob the Builder as a joke)
"Anyway, Bob the Builder has been erecting a trouser tent on several occasions during the day. Oh, and plumbing in a new sink xxx."
"I do really like your pics, especially when they give me a place to hang my bucket when I'm up the ladder xxx."
Then he asks how my day went.
I said, "I wondered when you were going to ask that." He mentioned earlier in the week about wanting to see me this Saturday, but I can't as I have plans to be taxi driver for my daughter and her friends, it is her best friend's birthday. But Mr Builder hadn't cemented anything else since that conversation, and because I felt myself going into culling and plucking mode, I said to him, "Will you be offering any plans with me in the near future?" I thought I'd be pleasant first before I went full cunt and cut him off.

But he came back with, "Well, I had hoped for tomorrow, but you're busy, so how about Sunday early evening? We could go for a meal, go down to the beach for a nice stroll...? And I will try not to bite you."

So, we talked some more and decided we will get some small kindling wood and paper and do a fire in a hole in the sand and chill. We said we don't care if it rains either, as we are both fond of the rain, lol. I think my idea of being out in the rain might be different to his, though, but who knows. I have experimented with Mr Builder by acting unsexualised and avoiding sexy talk; he has had a few pics to keep him going. Other than that, I have created a space whereby he won't dare touch me unless I make it obvious I want that. In my normal circumstances, I tend to be myself and much more accessible and expressive, making a man feel comfortable approaching me intimately. Still, with him, I haven't given off that vibe as I don't want him to see me as the sexual predator I am, lol. All that can be unleashed later on, and if I want him, he best hold on tight.

Anyway, Sunday's date with Mr Builder sounds quite fun, looking forward to it :))