If I die today
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2021-06-25 13:04:31 (UTC)


last night the computer took like 30min or so since I did let the battery die when I went to load my excersize it did an update looog update so I plugged in while I worked out after I finally got into the video. I am charging again now. I got in and out of khols for less the 40$ yesterday. Wow thank God. I got shoes slippers and a bra. The sad part? well I have no control I guess I got 2 outfits on amazon today and then a top to hopefully match one of my pairs of leggings. Anyhow. Im fresh outta a nap after showering. The heat is 91 outside right now. I'm slugginsh woke up around 2 then 4 then blah blah balh. I dont think I took a melation last night. so anyhow at 450 I got up and started coffee omg I miscalcuted the time I didnt need to start it that early I guess I was in a brain fog anyhow it didnt get old or anything just a matter of minutes that I could got outta bed at 5. no big deal . I think I'll got outside and brush my hair and let it dry out there real soon just doing this first. Then Ill think about reorganizing my clothes.. again *facepalm* as I destroyed the closet on yesterdays search for an outfit I orginally wanted thee white skirt till well this is lam but I'm sure someone wants to know what I wear anyhow I was meeting my love after work to run errands so I rembered he's dirty so anyhow ended up with the black dress. thats that. I had my 3/4tsp today tommorow bumping up to 1tsp. diet today is probally lacking I've had yogurt with pineapple. then abanna post walk and some microwaved left over mac n cheese so maybe I need to eat IDK. I'm not nessarly hungry ut I am missing my caffiene fix maybe nDea will take me for coffee? or I can make something here or walk to grac something. IDK Im waiting for an apporiate time to drink and trying to decide if I will or want to or should just wait till after the first when I'm done the cleanse I've had maybe slighty over 1liter of water today so I need to start pumping more h20 in me real quick for sure before I justify my drinking. well not much on my mind been thinking of my friends eAnn and yLindse but didnt make contct today with anyone I've been thinking of texting aJessic too . Idk I just am nt motivated. IDK what I want to do tonight guess we will see how things go I do feel like I am ligit getting hungry now thou so what to do. Anyhow thats it today

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