Third 👁️ Eye Spy

2021-06-25 17:37:12 (UTC)

Twisted Coconut

Well, since Mercury has been in Cucumber the last two days, I am pleased to say I have officially fully de-cunted myself with a sage stick, nice and tight up inside my bottom. Those negative fucktards and time-wasting fucknuts, ta-da! And the shit is gone :D

Don't forget to get your crystals and rest them on your head (or in), up your vag and wedged in both eyeballs to help rid more of the stagnant energy the ghoster left behind.

Bob's yer uncle (and so is half of England) you're all cleansed!! Boom!

It turns out that Matt Hancock has been eating out to help out, double jabbing his aide at work with a second knuckle job. Is that a vaccine in your pocket, Matt, or are you just happy to see me? You can't blame him, though, have you seen his wife? I bet her vag smells.

I am quite looking forward to the chitchat call with the sexy psychiatrist shortly. This is the kind of shit you can't write home about, geez, LMAO... a psychiatrist and me. It's so fucked up, Lol. I told him earlier I fantasised about him telling me his gruesome stories from the murderers, rapists and pedo's while he sat on the sofa and I was riding his dick slowly, listening. True story that, I even masturbated over the notion, mhm, Lol...

I am one twisted coconut! :D Mwah, bumholes xxx

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