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2021-06-25 05:28:35 (UTC)

Confused πŸ€”

I'm up early and confused as heck as to why. Usually, I have an important work thing going on at some weird hr. Sometimes it's because I'm going on vacation and need a plane to catch. Stuff like that. I know I'm not going on vaca anytime soon and as far as work, I don' have to get up at some ungodly hr till Sunday. So yeah, confusion. Then it hit me. I must've drunk texted something stupid. Looked at my phone and low and behold, I did do something stupid last night. I booked an early morning gym class. Gosh darn silly me.

Getting up and making coffee in the morning with a conscious attempt to not trip on the carpet runner in the hallway and simultaneously not bounce off the walls too. That to me is a successful. Now? Well now, I have to get myself up for real. Take a dang shower to wake my butt up and get my gym gear ready along with my gym supplemental drinks. Sigh... This bed is so nice and cozy too. Nice cool crisp morning and the feel of my soft blanket on my skin seems to have a life of it's own telling me to stay put and hit the gym cancel button. In fact, I never attended a gym session this early before. I bet all the people there will be the first time I'll be seeing them. hehe

This is the time I wish I had someone in bed with me so I can nudge them to go to the gym for me. Haha. Kidding of course. Just being so dang lazy right now. But.... get up I will and then I'll head back home to take another shower and get to work. I'm listening for sounds outside my bedroom window and the fricking birds aren't even up yet! 😨 I'm up before the birds!!!!! There better be a participation medal coming from someone for me today!! Grrrr.... So that's all I got. Only 3 min of babbling on this post this morning. Zen time gotta wait. Someone smile for me this morning. Mine aint working yet. Too early for me 😣

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