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2021-06-24 23:01:55 (UTC)

Hmm. Maybe darts are back on the menu...๐Ÿง

So.... I stopped playing darts because of spinal neck surgery. Numbness in my left hand and I'm left handed. I had neck surgery to fix it and although it's not 100%, I think I can still maybe play darts again. I threw a few rounds and I am still able to throw a hat trick (3 bullseyes in a round). Took me 4 attempts to do it but hey, even at my best, that wasn't an easy feat. I may no longer be the cream of the crop player like in the past but.... I can get rerated and still maybe compete in the not so high level brackets. Darts were a big part of my life in the past and it always gave me fun memories anytime I think about it. Even when I lost, I lost in dramatic fashion. But we won a lot for sure. I did quit to raise a family. Sigh.... living the glory of my dart days. Loved it. There were times when we'd play in a league and just by my buddies and I showing up, the other team already got psyched and lost because of our rep. But not now. We grew old and our bodies started getting beat up. Darts is a finesse type of game. Gotta be accurate to the1/10 of an inch. If you're older and your knees, wrist, elbows, etc, etc start bothering you, then that's pretty much game over man. hehe. Still, going into the elite amateur leagues and taking first in Vegas were fun memories I'll never forget.

I threw most of my trophies away because... they were really only plastic trophies. Only kept the pewter, glass, and metal ones. Those were fun days. The stories I could tell about them and the clutch times where we had to throw some awesome darts that were heartbreaking for the other team but glorious for our team. Hehe. Good times.

Now? We are just memories of the past. Only the old time dart players remember how we ruled back then. But I don't regret quitting. We'd drink so much beer. Between my buddy and I, I recall drinking 6 pitchers of beer one night. If we kept at it, I should be dead by now. But I quit eventually to raise a family. My dart partner? He didn't. Fast forward to the present, I was lucky enough to find a new healthier hobby which is crossfit. My buddy still did his thing and he's the one that had a stroke and 1/2 his body is messed up. One leg, one arm is mobile. The other? Dunno. He's trying to rehab but he will never be the same. He needs constant help. So sorry he ended up this way.

The choices you choose in life can take a funny turn sometimes. Only by luck that I changed my path. I could have easily been with my dart partner all this time cranking out dart tourney wins eventually getting a stroke or whatever you get from drinking too much. Now my friend is alone barely mobile. I on the other hand am still alive and kicking butt at the gym. Funny but not funny ๐Ÿ˜”

Anyway, I'm thinking maybe I can join a dart league again. Get rerated and see where I can go with what I got left. May as well. Still undecided. To be continued....

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