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2021-06-25 00:38:07 (UTC)

And off I go again, lol

It's 1 am again- I napped earlier, so full of beans, lol, and the tables have turned once again as they always do.

I didn't join a lesbo site, nope I went on a professional site, and a tasty doctor approached me. Single for four years, he's a paediatrician doctor in a hospital. Seen lots of photos, had a good chat; he also does piloting as a hobby, ohhh la la! most of all, he isn’t a lying, pathetic narcissistic cunt. Bonus!

Also, a psychiatrist approached me who works in a secure psychiatric hospital. His job is ultra interesting; he works on offenders, murderers, rapists, paedophiles with violent challenging behaviours. We've been chatting all night, and we're are going to talk on the phone tomorrow night and already planning to meet up. On the sexy side of it, he likes curvy women, I'm not fat or skinny, I am in between, and he made a joke of having no dick, and I was not happy lololol but didn't show that then he said, "Of course I have a dick, it's very big in fact, very girthy as well." He also has not been in a relationship or any sexual contact for four years, he got burned five years ago when he dated a woman from his work and she turned out married, lol. Oopsie....Anyway, he is keen on moi

Okay, tick, tick, tick.....he said he could write a book with the stories he could tell of the offenders he treats. I told him I want to hear all of his stories in person. He said he would. He asked if I am seeking a serious relationship, and I said, "I am seeking a serious relationship, nothing less." He said, "Excellent, as am I" He is older than me and sexy looking. Tick, tick. I like older men. Oh, and I told him don’t try psychologically profiling me or he will get lost inside, LMAO.

Adonis is history, he doesn't know that yet, but I haven't spoken to him today, and I won't be any longer. I dont need to block him either because I had emotionally switched off from him yesterday. He has gone onto my shit list. He is a narcissist and, in my eyes, a baby one, you know, relatively weak and inexperienced. He tried to play more mind games with me, and it just put me off him completely this time. There was only so much I would play along with because he was on a timer, as so to speak and I gave it enough time (3 weeks) to see if he would be suitable. He wasn’t.

Mr Builder is still about, still messaging daily, a normal funny guy who works hard every day and has a good life. We're still meeting up again and aiming for Sunday as I am not available on Saturday, doing things with my daughter. Mr Builder and I are gradually moving towards a dynamic between us now. Fuck, I had an erotic dream about him when I had a nap today; he was all over me while I was trying to drive my car, lol. I told him, and he said he would make my dreams come true; LMAO. He told me he would not date anyone else while we're am, though. I am not putting all my eggs in one basket until I am absolutely sure.

When I awoke this morning and went back onto the original dating site to take myself off invisible, I noticed the mad scientist was online. This was around 8am, so after all the time I invested in him on WhatsApp, I decided he can go fuck a duck and I blocked him on there and on WhatsApp and removed his number without saying a word. I believe I just ghosted him. Well, at least I do it when they're a cunt. Guys do it when the woman is pleasant and friendly, wankers.

So we now have....
Doctor - Clever, lovely, classy, not funny, a gentleman, dont fancy that much
Psychiatrist - Very interesting, Exciting, funny, sexy, a gentleman, fancy a lot
Builder - Talented, funny, sexy, gentleman, naughty, fancy a bit

And my filthy little sub.....who btw did a great hovering job and cleaned my heels in my wardrobe, kissed them too before giving me a foot massage and going on his way. LMAO....Good lad x

It’s friiiiiiday tomorrow! Whoopie!