Pleasantly Disturbed

Broken Glass Park
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2021-06-24 20:20:44 (UTC)

Fired Up! (A Little... Ngl)

I can't say exactly what woke me up out of my super-depressed numb state early this morning. Nothing out of the ordinary. I was angry all morning and a little bit in the afternoon. I was pretty much ignoring everyone (if it's rude, I don't care - they ignore me. I want to treat people the way they treat me, unless they are really, really mean. I'm not stooping real low - I just want to ignore people, mostly. That's what most people do is ignore me. The ones who are meaner than that, I haven't figured out how to handle yet. Recently, I dealt with someone who didn't get bored of bullying you, even if you ignored him. So, that was rough. Anyways...) and I was a little sassy! I don't have a new crush or anything, so... I don't know what suddenly fired me up. Guess I decided I was done taking everyone's bullshit! Hey, I did say I was done with the world a little while ago! Maybe sometimes giving up is not always bad. Like, I give up trying to talk to people and make friends, yes, but I can speak up and be forward and blunt about things, if need be (apparently)!

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