If I die today
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2021-06-24 09:33:21 (UTC)

heatin up

Still woke up around 430ish this morning. plusseveraal wakeups I rember 2amish and so. took 1 melation last night. The exersice mat is sorta rough outside I'd hoped for it to be a little diffrent theres rocks on the ground that sorta keep it akward and working around that I have trouble hearing the computer so I will charge my bluetooth speaker. I do have timee for an inside workout before I indgufde my inner beast yup shopping spree but I gotta be careful on the budget that dam Khols cash gets me everytime and as the rest of the days for the extra percent off the heat is on its above 110 I gotta do today. Then we plan on running errands. Ran the dog maybe 10min this morning between walk and rung we were back home in 24min so I played with him in the yard until the 30. Trying to stay hyrdarated suck. aJessic text me at like 645 this morning it was just minutes before we left so pretty early sorta worried about that its not like her not like most people to text me much less before 9 unless its yLindse. I dont mind but its out of the ordinary. got well Im planning to get rid of a olld hoodie and dress and maybe I can mustar it up in me to get rid of an old stained walmart running outfit I suspect I had that outffit in the rFoste's house and well its time to move on. Yestersday its did occure to me that maybe a lt of the troubl at that house was me. I think a lot of lies and drama was me. I fueled it all. I got what I deserved. I dont have a speifcic example right now but that was the reepings of one of my schemes. I'm ashamed and embarassed. Althou I do not think thier end was purebut I cant go on claiming or asumming I was the whole victim. so some personal things I need to work on. I didnt smoke today Idk whats coming later but maybe it wont be a temption I also realise yesterday that all I have to do is say no. just say no im under no pressure or obligation. Whats wrong with me why do I do this crap? Im pretty tempted still by my box of wine but havnt opened it I got that before the cleanse began so had to be befroe the 20th. I'm on 3/4 tsp now and tommorow. Saturday and sunday Ill do one then jumping to one in am and 1 pm until the 30th when I'm done. Im struggling with portion control eating. I'm pretty hungryeven thou I
m trying. As far as food choices Im at about what I would have choosen if Id been living on my own for the most part. Todays heat is supposed to be like in the 100s I think it said tommorw the heat warning begins thru wends but anyhow as far as conditoon its not healthy to be out too long. well my battery is close to low Im at 18percent to better get going I want to drain this batter before I chargethis new computer for the first time. IDK jhow long 18gets me but I want to see and then Ill know that I have a gooddevice after the first full charge but Id like to empty. Anyhow I'm thankful we have a/c I love nDea soo much I cant exsplain. Im thankful for my friends aJessic , yLindse, eKathlee, eAnn. I'm greatful that I have acces to the fitness programs I preffer. Thats a wrap

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