Experienced Life
2021-06-23 20:42:09 (UTC)

Silly peeps playing king of the hill 🤨

Just done with a late night network migration. It was an important connection so it had to be done way after normal business hrs. Some dude that didn't lift a finger joined in on the "Teams" call just so he can have his name on the ticket. Pfffttt!! There is always that one guy you know? smh🤷🏽‍♂️ Good news is that the work went so dang smoothly. Couldn't have asked for a better job (Pats self on the back and awaiting a participation medal). I'm sure my moocher Engineer that didn't do anything will say he helped. But the main thing is the job was doing and done perfectly.

I did an early gym session today. Stephanie and Jess came over to chat one at a time. I was just done with class and they were about to start a class. We had 10 min to chat. Steph put her hand on my should and called me sweetie making small chit-chat. hehe. Jess (blond lady) start chatting and telling me about her work and what she does just for light conversation. She's a graphic designer for a Solar Company so I told her that's very impressive and when can I expect a hosted party at her place? You know, snow job that she has a good paying job and a little seed of flirting.

Anyway, I suddenly felt "the eye" you know? So I look around and it's the self proclaimed king of the gym (as he says) with a scowl talking to another guy next to him but looking at me and obviously taking poop about me. I already could tell he was be-atching about me since he is king-of-the-hill. Pfffft. Well, it felt like high school again. Greeted the guy he was speaking to. He was nice and is a nice guy and said hi back. Mr. King of the Hill just walked passed me. Tough. Waaa-waa. I'm single and available. I'll not date a gym member and he is still married anyway (but getting divorced so he says) so what the heck does he have to worry about other men in the gym? Just another guy jealous for the silliest of things.

Anyway, it's a good night and I got time to turn my brains to mush with Netflix and some vino.

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