If I die today
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2021-06-23 14:20:30 (UTC)

healthy and tired

Adusting to the new computer is really turning me off . Althou that maybe good for my spending habbits. soo Im pretty drained I am at 1/2 tsp on DTE going up to 3/4 tommw then on the weekend hitting one tsp. I'm pretty tired. I did wake up at like 430am thou so I napped for a few close to noon then agaain after my shower close to one. I'm not constipated but my habbits are changing like I'm off schedule but I'm gettin things moving and all seems healthy. Its hot out we me and then dog is awlays the we when it comes to running we did 30some minutes total and the first part was walking and I turned around sooner but ran more in the actual trailer park otw back. Didnt take him to try practing walking on that road toward the park . Pretty much were gettin out before7 now and I think the week will end this way bc the heat gonna be like around 110plus (whereever the plus sign is) so they say. not much to share but have been thinking well I have stuff I mean storage furinture and stuff and well crap if I'm not using it I suppose Id say leave the storage in nDea's hands too but I can also suggest my sister but distance wise thats so unrealistic. but who really wants my crap anyway think about how much i resentd my inhospitable apartment and inpracticalities. i do regret not ayin by to fClif and I miss yLindse and IDK if I was taking adavatge of her in our outtings and I feel guilt. not much noteworthy here but last night nDea bought my flower pot to repot my bonzai so I did that today and he bought my excerzise matt. That was so sweet. I'm planning on starting to workout outside when he is home. I figure If I do that while he is near noone will mess with me but I can still do what i can do spacewise in the house and on my time. Allrighty well thats a wrap for today

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