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2021-06-23 20:37:23 (UTC)

Adonis wants to bite me

Adonis loves my belly. So much so, he got an instant hardon when he saw it. He wants to bite my belly.

The same belly that bears stretch marks for carrying an 8lb 9,5oz baby girl, my daughter, a tall, slender teenage girl now. No man ever has loved my belly as much as Adonis does. It's my most vulnerable part of me, much like the way a cat protects its belly; only the trusted are allowed to touch it.

It's an interesting thought that holds exhilaration for me because although I may be highly expressive with my body, sexually. And although I will wear lingerie confidently, my sex is stifled, my inhibitions are tainted when I cannot be entirely free, fully naked. Not because I will not, but because I've never trusted anybody enough to give that to them. I would always have something on, even if very little.

Nakedness, for me, is sacred. That denotes love to me, giving all of yourself. Nobody has deserved that yet. But, I want to give that; I want to make love. I've never made love ever. I've only ever offered the raw side of me, the sex men prefer. Satan's little whore sex.

But then I am both. Relishing in the unfiltered dirty, aggressive sex and, on the other hand, a sensory overload in lovemaking. It's just no one has ever made it to that part of me. If it means I take it with me into the next life, so be it, but that's sacred and only for someone of equal measure. I believe it birthed importance due to past traumas. In my head, my nakedness promotes my vulnerability. It feels pure, as does protecting my mind. So the unfiltered raw sex is nothing but an offering of the lesser of me; the sexual partner receiving it often finds it addictive and impressive, but to me, I am giving them my shit stuff. LOL, And indulging and taking advantage of my darkness. It's never about them.

I know, again, the makings of a twisted woman. :)