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2021-06-23 19:52:07 (UTC)

Dancing tiptoes into hell

Felt like writing a poem, with no subject in mind but the curious journey of unpredictable happenings.....

I remember what I must do when my softness is mistaken for vulnerability
When my understanding is treated as a weakness
I choose the breeze and ride upon it.
I allow the truth of unpredictability to guide me
For I know, there is no greater power
Then trusting in change

And with that...

I'm chancing my pride by touching you
Dancing tiptoes into hell
Against all boundaries crafted in gold
Hell has become my new heaven
And your wrath within me inspires
Shooting firebolts going nowhere
And the humble silence resonates
With a reminder to shoot for the stars

While wisdom counts a thousand years
Inside rolling rocky mountains
I drink from crystal waterfalls
And summon up my sins
For flowers grow the path, I walk
And lava seeps volcanoes
And with all the magnificence that surrounds
You're the river in which I flow.

There is no easy way out for me
When I am caught in natures web
Because in all that is, I see you
You're everything.