Pleasantly Disturbed

Broken Glass Park
2021-06-23 03:32:52 (UTC)

SNL Ships

So, apparently, "Saturday Night Live" has at least a few ships. I'll talk about them in the order I like them, starting with my least favorite to my most:

Kate McKinnon & Aidy Bryant
- I love them in sketches together, but this one seems weak. A good friendship, though.

Stefon & Seth Meyers
- Well, Stefon is a fictional.character and this is part of a sketch, so... I don't know about this one. Spicier than Kate and Aidy, though, IMO.

Beck Bennett & Kyle Mooney
- This is probably more of a bromance, but cute and fun, nonetheless.

Colin Jost & Michael Che
- A bromance again, probably, but they are so cute, wholesome and fun together. They have great chemistry and I mainly mean that in a friendship way. I don't take "shipping" that seriously. Lol. It's just fun.

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