Third 👁️ Eye Spy

2021-06-23 00:40:48 (UTC)

The Bewitching

It's just gone 1 am, and I should be in bed getting my much-needed rest after today's workload. But since yesterday's massive overhaul of heavy energy atmospherically compounded all of me and left me drained and waaaaaaaay too emotional and miserable. I realize I was right that it had ALL to do with others and the retrograde ending and highlighted my fed-up with stupid emotional crap.

Emotions are the downfall for moving forward and all the empaths out there; let me give you some advice from the Heyoka. You are doing it ALL wrong! Your purpose is not to overcome others emotional drainage of you. You are not here to guide and support others emotional barriers. You're not even supposed to be putting up with it or believing your resilience is your crown. It isn't. Your empathic abilities are for one reason only - To manipulate energy and use that energy to enhance your own life. When you do this, it influences and affects ALL others around you, and it projects a serenity and beams onto others and draws people to you positively. By that, I mean, whether those people have mental blockages or not, whether they are in difficulties, they absorb the energy you've manipulated into your world, around you and you do nothing. You don't have to do anything. This energy does the work for you, for them. That is all you have to do with your empathy. Not everybody that comes to you is meant to helped by you. It is only the energy they need, like basking in the sun. You just emit it, and the world turns itself for them. That is how you heal others. You're not meant to be emotionally attached to them. Focus on manipulating the energy, and it's so much fun when you do! Especially when remote viewing begins, you can see everywhere and all people when you focus on them.

Now back to what I was saying. Since the lift of retrograde, eclipses and blackouts from the Schumann resonance, our natural world has reset itself as we know it. What lingered, has ended, what didn't serve, is over. And with that, like life, it renews itself and begins again.

Emotions are a barrier to clarity and an obstacle to manifesting. Clear emotions and watch everything change.

Today has been insane. Orders come in for my business, and my day job had an unexpected sale come in from one of my clients that took me to reach 164% OVER my quarterly target. I was already over by 140% until today. I have remained the highest-earning saleswoman in the company, and soon, I reach the five-year mark of working for them and will receive a ridiculous corporate crappy award. LMFAO. I'm not too fond of that b.s.

Also, I have sat behind my phone numerous points throughout the day and evening, receiving RESPECTFUL thought out compliments and romantic offers from the mad scientist, Mr Builder and Ed (the most shocking with things he said after he shagged his wife thinking of me, lol), and Adonis has sent kisses and gentleness and a goodnight, which is unlike Adonis. He's mean and brutal, lol, but I know what he is after.

I'm not chasing any of them, they come to me, and I make decisions as I come and go. Simples.