Third 👁️ Eye Spy

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2021-06-22 21:20:59 (UTC)

Who knows....

Ed is going to fill me with a load of spunk tonight when he is fucking his wife. He is watching the footie while she is in another room, we've been texting our usual blasphemy and Ed's all hard again - it's always my fault, he says, as to why he is a walking, breathing hardon every time we banter with one another.

I told him he should fuck his wife tonight and fill her up as if it was me. Ed said, "God, that's so hot," I asked him to let me know how it went tomorrow when I give him a call and an update on the three dating amigos in my tribe.

I was on TikTok, and it is rare I fancy a woman; I have a specific type, and she is usually of Arabian, Mexican, or mixed colour skin tone. I came across this very plain natural woman doing a random dance in a grey t-shirt, and I could see she has no bra on, and the tshirt was just short enough to show a little but not enough. I sent Ed the video and said, "She's hot. Let's bring her to England and fuck her." Of course, that set off yet another scenario, as Ed and I tend to always find ourselves indulging; we build fantasies together. He always turns the attention back onto me, and I told him I need some thigh trembling anal, been craving it and getting frustrated as I won't give it out to just anyone, it has to be worth it. He said, "Not from behind, though; I want to see your face." I told him he is being romantic again, LOL..

Ed then surprised me ten minutes later with another beautiful video of him peeing into the loo; he knows I love water sports, and I have a whole album of Ed's peeing in all different places he has stopped whatever he is doing and pee'd for me, hehe. Work, Gym, shopping centre, home, pub and, xx Ed, said we should just fuck regardless of my dating, we are both each others secret.

Adonis is on the plane home; he has been very chatty today and pleasant. I guess he missed me, or he doesn't want to lose the chance to have disgusting sex with me. He likes gross stuff, well disgusting to ordinary people, not to us.

The mad scientist got super chatty earlier too, which surprised me. I became his sexy WhatsApp teacher because he was fkn clueless about using the mic and swiping a message to add to it....I said, "And you call yourself a scientist, and you cannot work out WhatsApp!" Lol ....He did a few voice messages I picked up immediately. He would be too vanilla for me..but we will see.

Mr Builder has been texting throughout the day; he fitted a kitchen today, he is the jack of all trades in the construction industry, he does everything. He is contracted for a big job that will take him to summer, so he is staying about 20 minutes from me at the moment. His house has a buyer in Hampshire, and he is talking to me about buying a home with a large barn near me to set up his antique furniture repair shop. I think someone has ideas in his head, lolol....he asked what does he need to do to get a kiss or a cuddle from me on our next date. I told him, depends on how fun he it stands, I am not burning with desire for him even though he is sexy looking, talented, a gent, and funny and single and ready for a relationship. Maybe a slow grower on me, which isn't a bad thing, because fast heated connections burn out fast, slow-growing affection tends to last the years; that's what I learnt from others. Who knows, aye....

So maybe a hard fuck with
A disgusting fuck with
And lots of other fucks with Mr Builder? I dont even know if he is a feisty one in the sheets, only because I have not been focused on him to find out. Again, who

Who knows, all this garb I'm chatting now might even change tomorrow, lol. That's the thing with flowing ....I'm moving as it's needed until I find that place I know is the right place for me, then I will stop flowing and trickle with him in unison.

I need to call Phil now, Ciao fucknuts xxx