no name
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2021-06-22 16:48:01 (UTC)


Today I remembered that nothing belongs to me.

Aside from my thoughts, which I’m still iffy about, everything belongs to someone else. My body and what I do with it, that belongs to my parents, my family. All the stuff I’m surrounded by, *my* home, *my* room, *my* other inanimate objects. In reality, I have no rights to any of it. Even (of course*) the phone that I’m typing on doesn’t belong to me and I wouldn’t have any say over whether this diary is secretly being monitored by one of them. It never belonged to me anyway.

So I have no right to ignore the teachings, orders, and questions that they present me with. No right to have a will of my own. It’d help if my mind (my thoughts) was on that same track but I tend to have emotions and opinions, unfortunate as that may be.

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