Third 👁️ Eye Spy

2021-06-22 12:14:33 (UTC)

Mental skull fuckery

I just had the biggest head melt EVER!

Adonis, who I unblocked, played the old trick of, "New number? Who's this?" a regular scheme of Mr B. So I'm telling Adonis (who is very, very, very similar to Mr B's sadistic ways) that I think he is fucking with me, he isn't who he says he is (what Mr B does), So I tell him to send me a voice note again, he sends a few, says has he annoyed me. I laugh and reply with a voice note, "Yeah, I bet you'd love to know that!".

Adonis tells me he's been clay pigeon shooting today, and he is flying home tonight. He didn't seem affected by me blocking him and carried on as if it never happened. I told him I have two other men more suited to me on the personality scale, lol. But, again, he ignored what he read and carried on as usual.

Mr Builder sent me a loooooong text last night, saying he has deleted his dating profile now and wants to invest his energy and time in me, that he fancies me and wants to see more of me. He asked for my star sign as his 18-year-old daughter asked him to ask me for it as she is into astrology. Mr Builder is a Capricorn.

The mad scientist, I told him I don't want to go on a date with him this week (told him yesterday) and want to know more about him first before I will go on a date with him, he agreed, and we have been texting. Not his preferred method, he prefers to meet me and spend time together and get to know one another. He has been a pure gentleman up until now. Our conversations have been philosophical, but we are touching upon sexual things now, not his doing; I am gently edging information out of him. He said he is very open-minded, and that's all he will say about that. Well, I'll see about that! I will know more.

Ed asked how the date went.
Phil tried to cheer me up yesterday; bless him, oh he has got back with the 22-year-old virgin woman. I don't know why because they can't see each other due to his trucking job. I'm going to ring him later and tell him about the new news today instead of yesterday when I was mega pissed off and fed up. I'm still fed up today; I should be excited about Mr builder and mad scientist as they are regular, yet, I find myself drawn to the lunatic Adonis.

This is fucked up brain wiring at its best, people. I crave the peril and danger. The only difference now, I'm no longer the weaker party. Instead, I'm a hybrid of sweetness and light and an unsavoury sort. This is why they want my mental sex and nothing more when they get to know me. They want normal. I'm not normal.

Still staying off the dating app for a bit. I'm invisible on there, so I don't get any messages. Just have the Whatsapp and the tribe.