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2021-06-22 00:24:24 (UTC)


Its getting a little disgusting. The gore IRL.
I wish people that need life to read like a Brat Pack Movie
would just sing some movie credits and fade into thin air.
That would be a favor. That would be self less ness.

I don't like to be scared.
I have been out of school for years and just recently found out that I did not like it;
all I got out of it was literacy, ethics, morality, self-control and a little older.
Now I am a lot older and unfortunately "angsty" does not seem to fit
and "bitches wanna be me on my kids, ON GOD---leaves me frustrated
at my own potency. REALLY JUST STOP trying to act cooler than the true center of attention.
I do not desire fame. (((**))) I feel I have a good relationship with the truth.

None of this is good
advice. I made it known in 2018 that I did not consider myself in the
position to continue to mentor or proxy to anyone. I am not going to run
myself ragged to keep up appearance for strangers. Any blowback from
my letter writing campaign or firm belief in defending my home
EVERY NIGHT AND DAY...can kiss my ass.

We are beyond the profound feelings of fear and connection here in Mount Oliver
To have to identify and chastise behavior in adults makes me think I really
AM missing out on the best part of life. Having people stay in their lane,
while I can make my loved ones and my success PRIORITY

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