If I die today
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2021-06-21 07:09:36 (UTC)

get busy

I'm having a hard time with this new computer and keyboard basily the mousing and clicking. Too invasive man I hate techology and it wants to do werd stuff that have nothing to do with just clicking on what I want to open.. oh well Anyhow I feel like I have soo much to do. /but its a feeling . Theres a heat adivsory today and were looking at high temps for a week or so at least. man. Already had my dte day 2. Cofee yogurt n blueberries and a short run 30min-40min total including walk time eating grapes now and finishing coffe. seedless GMO grapes im sure thats all you cen get nowdays is freakin seedless fruit how can something seedless be organic or maybe natrual is the word? Anyhow pretty healthy today. Yesterdays back tightness is gone. The adgena today laundry, clean the bathroom, try not to screw anything up, dishes, and so on. lunch and dinner shower exersice. i still am interested in a new pot for my bonzai and an exersice mat. Clothing wise well I'm always interested. yesterday wasnt really eventful we went to the river with the dog nDea got in . it was too cold for me that water felt like ice to me he did say it was coold too. I guess I dont have the endurance for that [email protected] Ok so I'm happy to be not frozen and saftey we ran into some sorta smaller silverish gray and orange like snake running today. I had a good sleep with 1mg melation which may not have been nessary. IDK In this crazy world over all I'm doing pretty good. Still managing to avoid the c-19 shots. what a joke how sad society is blindly engaging it all. and promoting something for everyone no exception right? what sorta magic or voodu is that that its soooo safe and perfect for everyone and soo effective but yet not? Anyhow thats a rant. I should be able to read a bit today too its been interesting pulling names out the new bible I got looking them up I dont know yet what to make of it all. This weekend saturday we watched unholy it wasnt what wwe exspected but the thing strikes me bc well Mary and cathlocs even what my grandpa used to see and worship I'm sure someone did visit him but its not what he thought. which is distrubing and scary but why people get mixed up worshiping mary I dont understand. I may have used to be into praying to the saints but to me i guess I foung it unprofitable and now I find it offensive. Oh well live n learn and not everyone will choose the same beliefs. its a choice. Well I should get to starting on some chores.

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