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2021-06-21 14:03:54 (UTC)


Not happy today. Face like an undateable. I am undateable now because I'm done, off the market, finito, sayonara you despicable human feaces fucknuts. 🤯

Mr builder - ignoring now. Not dealing with that shit. 🖕

Adonis - narcissistic sadistic cunt, blocked forever. Not dealing with a man child. 🖕

Leaves the mad scientist, waiting for his hula hoop date with me on Jupiter 🙄😬

I've made my dating profile invisible so nobody can contact me.

I see the doctor and I've been given the all clear to live a bit longer and drown in my own shit as much as I like. So that's what I will do....I shall give up on receiving respect, romance, love and appreciation because clearly the male species hasn't evolved this part of them yet neither how to treat a woman as anything OTHER than a sexual and psychological toy and when I am out of this godforsaken demons shitstorm poohole I'll just keep me a few men for sex only because clearly that's all I've ever been to men my entire life, consensual and non-consensual.

My last attempt at believing in decency in a man is over. So, I am no longer seeking.