Pleasantly Disturbed

Broken Glass Park
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2021-06-21 12:20:54 (UTC)

What Is Life Without Love?

If love were money, many homeless people would be much richer than I am. They would be like Elon Musk and I would be like them.

I speak from experience. The Love-Of-My-Life and I were homeless a few times. Now, I have a place and my rent and bills are pretty easy to manage, but I don't have him... or anyone else who loves me.

And I actually am poor money-wise on top of all this. I'm not too far from being homeless, at all, so I feel for them.

I'm greatful for what I have. It's a relief that my life isn't worse than what it is, on top of all my grief. But, what's a life without love of any kind?


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