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me and my life
2021-06-21 11:24:57 (UTC)

G is the new fun

G is something new in my life. We both speak everyday. He is fun loving person at least for now, he talks naughty, he talks about work, makes me smile and he s someone who is independent and mature. Well, its been just 1 month and few days we are in talking terms but we discussed a lot in these time. I don't know how far we will go but we have discussed every possible difficulty come in our way if we want to be together. To talk about few is Language: for us English is the only common language, Place : he is from South and have totally no connection in Mumbai and lives out of India, Work: how will I work if shifted to new country, Parents: what if his parents are not OK. and manyyy gradually may be.
But, I see him as someone who will work it out, he is eager to meet me so am I. He is coming to meet me specially to Mumbai omg like really??? whoaaa lets see.. he seems quite serious as he spoke to his mom about me and he will talk to his parents in detail after he land India. We have also decided that after we meet and we don't get the similar vibe we will remain friends. for now we like each other and we flirt healthy.
Apart from G other things are same No job, No Jab no progress in anything nothing at all. I do apply jobs randomly but no calls, I workout like beast like i literally drag my ass sweat like pig, walk like donkey i still see no progress. I might have lost half an inch maybe but nothing noticeable. ufff its better someone kill me....
Yesterday I had a tiff with my sister. She really speaks mean and blunt sometime and that reminds me of dad. He use to speak so. it seems like she likes to degrade us me and mom sometimes. she is frustrated of handling but I and mom help her like maids without any expectations all she can do is talk sarcastically. She spoke sarcastically which got on my nerves and we had a tiff.. in that she spoke really bad that made my mood low till today. i feel she is thankless even though she says she is thankful cant see her in actions. I have slogged after her in hard time corona times i dont say that workship me but atleast have gratitude huh that really made me upset. I have been with her and mom and naisha for such a long time that i really want to be alone for sometime. I want a peace time. Seems not possible but i want a me time. where there is no one but I. lets see how things workout in coming days. phewww i see no future at all... Blankkkkkkkk