Third 👁️ Eye Spy

2021-06-20 20:38:15 (UTC)

Low ride...

Good tune :)

It somewhat weirded out how well my date went last night. The entire ultra-fast way we came together has weirded me out. I have all these other men floating around, dates arranged with them, and yet, this guy "Mr Builder" just slipped in through the side door and taken precedence over all the others.

The reason it weirds me out is I have a strategy usually before I date. It gives me time to understand them better, and it usually irons out a load of shit, so I don't waste my time with dates. Yet, he has kind of bypassed my radar as if he wasn't and didn't need to be a part of it, and I'm not sure why that's happened that way. Most don't even get to the point where I will date them. Since October last year, Mr builder has been my fourth date when I first started on the dating scene; I've spoken to numerous men since then no only accepted four dates. The three before Mr Builder I had spoken to for some time before meeting them. 'My ex guy' was the longest, with six weeks chatting before meeting. Jimmy was four weeks. Bumble was two weeks.

But Mr Builder, a few days of chatting and something about him gave me a sense of safety and a feeling of calm. I didn't even second thought when he asked me to go on a date with him, and I didn't feel nervous meeting him either. We spent three hours chatting, laughing and getting to know one another better. He is a good looking man, genuine and normal and I specifically like that he had raised his daughters alone for the five years after he divorced his wife. She took up and left all responsibility for them, his girls are now 18 and 22, and he told me they were whatsapping him, asking him to message him the moment the dates over and tell them how it went, they have been nudging him to meet a woman.

He has not had good luck previously, recently on the dating scene. He had three dates before me; all catfished him in different ways woman posing as a white woman on her profile turned out to be a big black woman! LMAO....another said she wanted marriage and that they should book Vegas, all this on their first date. LOL, the other was also nothing like her photos or profile.

He would move his chair at times throughout our time together, so his whole body was facing me, he was undoubtedly keen, but he never overstepped any marks. He did ask me before we met how do I feel about hugs as he liked to greet me with a hug. I told him, "No, hugs thank you" he got the message and respected that, but I noticed he went to before I left then controlled himself, lol....Good lad.

I got home, and about an hour later, he texts me, "Had such a great evening with you. Can I be so bold as to ask you on a second date?" I decided to sleep on it and wait until the morning before deciding. I replied in the morning, "Yes, I'd like that." He replied, "Woohoo!". Lol

In the meantime, yesterday afternoon before my date, the scientist who has been rather lovely and exciting to talk to also weirded me out. I sensed underlying aggression and jealousy in him, and it worried me a little. He asked what I was up to for the weekend, and I said I was going to the pub. I never mentioned with who, if it was a date or with friends, nothing. He messages back sharply, "Oh, well, I hope you have a good date! I'm not one for auditions. I'll leave you to enjoy your evening." It was 4 pm, I reply, "It's 4 pm, not evening yet, and I haven't mentioned who I'm going to the pub with, have I?"

Later on, when I return home, I text him something normal, and he replies, "I wasn't expecting to hear from you, and if I did, I had thought it be a drunken slur, or you would just never bother contacting me again." My face crumpled up, and I thought, mate, calm your tits, geez. So, I said, "I didn't drink, and why wouldn't I contact you again?" Anyway, the conversation goes on a little longer before I needed to sleep. Then this morning, I wake up to a message from him:

"OK, Lady B. Let's meet. I can do any evening or late afternoon if you want to meet to see if you like me or not?"

(I go by the name Bonnie on dating apps, it has a few meanings behind it - I'm looking for my Clyde - I had a cat called Bonnie - I'm quite Bonnie in character)

Then we're talking about where to meet as he lives an hour from me and adds to the end of one of his messages, "I know I'm a safe person but you might kidnap me?" It was not in context to any other part of his message, just randomly dropped in there, and I thought, weirdo. Then he says about coming down my way, area etc., because I said I am not driving an hour for a date and hour back. So I reply, 'Are you sure?" And he says this, again a bit weird and slightly unhinged. You'll probably say it seems normal but it isn't. I think he either has control issues, or massive insecurity and jealousy, because this response is out of sorts again:

"Yes, definitely. I'm looking for someone who is intelligent so that I can have a good conversation, honest so I can trust, and saucy for private fun. I see that in you. Tell me if I am wrong? I like myself, I'm wise enough, see through lies, but I'm friendly, like sex, am helpful and kind. I do, however, worry that internet dating is stressful and people have big expectations? It's like I said the other day. It feels like all men on dating sites are guilty of being weirdos and have to prove their innocence. I do understand, but for me, it's odd as people normally know me first. I've got to know you and your quirks, and I dont think I've been crude or anything? So hopefully, it'll be fun?

What is odd about this is Ive never mentioned him being crude, never mentioned expectations, not lied to him, and why say about crudeness and hopefully it would be fun? You see, it's a bit sketchy.

As it stands, he arranged to see me on Wednesday late afternoon. I'm debating this now.

Adonis has yet again changed his stance. Saying he could fall in love one day to yesterday, saying he wasn't looking for love. I told him, "as predetermined as it is, that is my end goal with a man and I understand time only offers that kind of connection but it seems we want different things. And it might be best to stop talking to each other because of that." He just replied, 'K. Bye," but since then has been texting still as I have h. Still, since I read those words from him, It immediately triggered me to not waste my time with him ay more and already, I am detached from any feelings that were growing for him. He fucked that up, not me. His loss. He does fancy me a lot and does like me a lot and said he could fall in love, but it's all head games with him and well, been there done that the t-shirt has been burned. He wants to play this way. I refuse to, so we're on different paths and will not win because I learnt from the best. It will end up infuriating him, he said the other day, "You're walking a thin line" and I thought, LMFAO, his ego is fkn MASSIVE. I'm indifferent. I dont give a fuck if his little line snaps in half. Go fuck ya, mother. LOL....silliness saying that to me.

I've another lump appear under the same armpit. That's two now. Going to get the doc to check it out, see if I can see her tomorrow. Doubt it's anything significant to worry about; if it were, they wouldn't appear so suddenly. So I'm chilled about it.

On the deviant side, last night, I noticed Mr Builder was packing down below as he sat there in his comfy chair, whose body turned facing me, legs apart, relaxed.....LMFAO, I'm such a perv....I reckon he is the sensual in-depth type of lover adventurous enough to be open to corruption. Muahahahahahahaha......He has no choice, to be fair if he wanted to stay in my lane. Mr Builder has dark hair and a short beard too. I like beards, most beards just not super bushy long ones, you know, not like ZZ Top beards, ugh, no thanks.