Becoming quietly confident
2021-06-20 16:28:48 (UTC)

Father’s day

Father’s Day so far has gone well. My hubby had to work but we were able to make him a nice breakfast and I bought him a Traeger grill which we gave to him this morning before he left. While he is at work we will set up the grill and make a nice dinner for him tonight on it. He has been wanting this grill forever but they are costly so he was hesitating on purchasing it. I went ahead and bought it out of my income with a little help from my oldest child. We are also setting up his basketball hoop that has been tipped sideways in the yard for a year waiting on the backboard to be fixed. I recently found a good double sided tape that is usually used to hold pictures to walls, although I tried it out in a small spot and it damaged the wall so I’m using it for this instead. I’m thinking it will do the job. For tonight I anticipate grilled steaks and basketball. Both things he loves very much.

And today I remember my father. He passed away suddenly and early. He was an amazing person. Not perfect, he had a lot of anger that he had no control of. But he was still amazing and I miss him.

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