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2021-06-18 21:02:34 (UTC)

Is he trying to turn me?

Nails are painted ruby red....ooooh, lala, lashes look delish, hair is the mad old man out of Monty python's life of brian film, long and LOTS of it, I'll do something nice with it for tomorrow night. The table is booked for two in a lovely pub, and I won't be paying for the night; Mr Builder already said he is, Gent!
Good start! However, I'm not sure what I will wear yet. I bought a nice dark green faux leather skirt, and perhaps I'll wear a fitted black scoop neck bodysuit underneath with a sexy wrap belt to accentuate my hips, bum, boobs and wear some heels. It probably looks nicer in my head than on me, lol! Always the way! If not, I'll go for the fitted black dress with slits up the side and heels. It's not slutty but looks classy.

Both of us will be driving, so I can't drink as much as I am craving to get wasted on whiskey and rum. I won't with him. He suggested, why don't we have a meal together? But I said no for a first date, lol. Rather not feel awkward if the conversation doesn't gel.

The scientist is spooking me out, I keep talking about alignment in my diary here, and some weird things have arisen as we have been talking, like synced things. He is not a follower of society, a free thinker etc. Examples of weirdness being that happened today (there has been more previously). He asked me if I am into the universal law of numbers do I have a favourite number. I told him number one that I even chose my house out of the five choices available where I live now because it was number 1. He replies I live at number one too! I tell him to behave, and he sends me a photo of his front door. Yep, it was number 1, and it was green - my favourite colour. I say, "this is getting spooky now" because earlier we were texting, and he said, "Oh, you have a cat (he see on my profile I said I had a cat). I say yes. He says, "I've always wanted a ragdoll breed of cat but a tuxedo pattern" I nearly dropped my phone! I reply, "Erm, My kitten's mother was a ragdoll, and her dad was a tuxedo; she has the personality of the ragdoll and is a tuxedo patterning." He said, "Wow!"...


Adonis has loosened up now. I really fancy him; he is sexy asf, that sharp tongue of his and wickedness pulls me in, EVEN though I know that's a big no-no if I want an equal-ish relationship. He and I both are on the same wavelength of the natural roles of masculine and feminine, but he is wicked with some soft edges. Totally a no-go for me as I've been there before, BUT I'm fighting my way forward and my old ways by knowing him. He brings out the submissive nature in me, and although I do not oppose that side of me, it's reserved for the man who will be mine; Is he trying to turn me? It has to be placed right in the right hands. As it stands, we have made plans to see each other; he is back from Ireland in five days. It's likely to be before he starts work the first week of July. So a weeks time.....I'm not sure I'll come out alive! You have to see him to know what I mean. He is not a small man, tall, gym fit man bulked out man (not muscle fanatic) and that long black hair and his short beard, Phwoaaar! Gorgeous. My heart and fire say, 'YES! Him," but my head says, "RUN!"...I intrigued to see how this plays out.

Oh! I found a lump like the size of a pea under the skin of my armpit this morning, it is a little concerning, but I am thinking positively. I'll get it checked out with the doc. It just appeared overnight! It was not there yesterday, odd. Probably nothing :)

My daughter broke her glasses AGAIN! Lil mofo, fucksake. Yet, another trip to Specsavers tomorrow, fkn kids! She went on a school day trip to Reculver ruins and beach today - in the rain! LOL, part of her GCSE's exams she'll be taking next year before she is off to college! Then University after.......Ooooooh, I could start a sex dungeon when she goes off to University, LOLOLOL......Have my sub do all the cleaning up! LMFAO! He is a domestic angel and used as a sex slave by his former Mistress; when he was married, the Mistress used to text his wife, pretending to be him while she was riding him. LOLOLOL....Cute moves.