(almost) Daily Blather
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2021-06-18 06:15:22 (UTC)

Been quiet pt4

I head up to bed. After going through my normal routine, I settle into bed. As usual, I put in my earbuds and turn on my Kindle. (I use the earbuds as a courtesy to the wife. Something she often does not do. But I digress.) My Youtube video hasn't been going very long and the wife comes into the room, basically in full conversation with me. I pause my video, I remove one of the earbuds, and I ask her "what?". She continues on as if there was never a pause and I had been part of the conversation the whole time.
She is telling me further what the teens at the rec center pool had done to get in trouble with the lifeguards. General horseplay, multiple unsafe acts, etc. First off, is this the actions she referred to earlier saying that I had been doing? Second off, why in the HELL is she still harping on this bullshit? I did not respond with anything other than a quiet "uh huh", then put my earbud back in and resumed my video.

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