just kevs

just kevs
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2021-06-18 10:59:39 (UTC)


Well still battling the darkness. Every single day every hour every minute is a struggle but I go on
Guess I’m a high functioning depressive lol
What does motivate me is my ex, or rather her and people like her
Been told now she has man she is really letting business slide again
Her motto is why work when you can just fuck and get a guy to support you
Just a lazy fuck who, as I said is unable to achieve anything at all without a guy or her kids to support and pay for her
And no way will I ever be like that
I’m actually proud I can achieve things on my own
Gossip tree has been hot again with people telling me she still on singles pages even though she has partner
She’ll never change
Scum and cheaters are always scum and cheaters
Work wise for me has been interesting
Company lost contract at mine but I’m swapping to new company and stay where I am
For me, work is essential
I’m not my ex and don’t expect anyone to support me plus I actually have a work ethic