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2021-06-17 23:10:45 (UTC)

Badass fail 🥺

Work was pretty cool today. Got to take care of a lot of "to do" stuff. I'm starting to like this app more and more. Just started using it and it's helping me big time getting my documentation organized. Checked out some youtube vids and learned how to tag some stuff as important, to do, transfer email, word doc, or pretty much anything that can be printed into One Note. Anyway, time flew and 5PM came just like that.

Did my normal gym thing and we had punching bags as one of our stations. There was a time limit but we needed to hit the bags 50 times and then do sit ups for the rest of the minute or maybe it was 75 seconds. Forgot how long but we're taught to turn our shoulders and hips for more power but at the same time, coach don't want us hitting the bags so hard that it rocks too much. I guess for safety purposes. Anyway, I'm fast. Got done first for the group I was with. So I was the first to start our sit ups. Once thing about me is I can't do sit ups. My body is like top heavy or short legs so I can't sit up before my legs start to prop up. So my friend stops their thing and she holds my ankles down. From that point, I could get my sit ups going. My other friend eggs me on to go faster so I do while he pretends to sing that Rocky song. Wanted to laugh but I wanted a good workout too. One thing about sit-ups or any kind of workout where your stomach muscles are involved that I didn't learn till maybe a couple years ago. When you tighten your core for a sit up, leg lift, bicycle crunches, you tighten your abs. Bu when you do, it should not stick out more then before you tighten in. Sort of like contracting the bottom half of your abs in a way so that when you do contract your abs, it's actually smaller then when it's relaxed but yet at the same time, you are able to breath. Hard to explain. Try it. tighten your abs right now. Does your abs pop out a little? If so, then your doing it incorrectly.

Anyway, at the end of the workout, my lower back was strained a little. That's what I get for trying to be a badass. Crawled back to my truck somewhat cursing to myself that I have bigger tires and a lift kit installed because it only made getting in that much harder. By the time I got home, I was feeling better and it's without any drugs or alcohol surprisingly. hehe. Ate leftovers which is another not so common thing for me to do. I even forgot it was Thursday already. One more day of work and the weekend is here. Got invites to a bbq. Got another invite from my gym friend to go have a few beers after our workout this Saturday morning. She's been going for a few years too so we're good friends now. She's tall, fit and pretty so you know... nice to have pretty friends. Can't cross that line but I dabble in the gray area at times. The camping location changed venues from the boring Bear River Reservoir group camp to another one that's much better. Better lake better everything but Heidi only told me this this afternoon. Too late for me to set up my gear, shop for food, etc, etc. Besides, I can't bring my kayak because I still have to baby my truck for another 300 miles. Boo!!! That was a good camp to go to also. Also, it's a heat wave here in Sacramento. 107° F 41.7° C. Hot hot hot. Don't need to tell you folks that it has strange effects on my Southern Hemisphere body parts when it gets that hot. 😈

Oh well, bad timing and who knows? Maybe it was not meant to be. Stars didn't line up for me and maybe it's a good thing. Maybe it saved me from a gator attack. JK, no wild gators here in CA. What else? Oh yeah, my bet on the boxing match between Manny and Errol this Aug 21st. The odds went down for Manny. He's still an underdog but the line is now 185. I bought my ticket when it was 320 and no matter how the odds change, my ticket is still good for the 320 if I win. That's $1,000 I bet. I know it's still a long shot but if Manny wins, I get back my $1,000 plus $3,200 more!! You know, Aug is when I get about a 12.5% raise and with this win (fingers crossed) that's actually enough to supercharge my Tacoma!!! Oh baby. Or, I could plan a trip to Canada for an awesome vacation. So to you my Canadian peeps, better hide and lock you doors. hehe. I may be coming to a neighborhood near you soon. Kidding not kidding. Probably going to get a 2nd kayak so I can bring a friend with me that would love to kayak but don't have one. Supercharger is going to happen but I already projected that mod for next year.

That's enough mindless ramblings for the night. Good night peeps. Don't forget to smile.

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