life stories
2021-06-18 01:44:07 (UTC)


i’m feeling an episode coming on right now. first my chase acc i think was hacked bc i got an email saying i requested a pre-paid card but of course their call center isn’t 24HR anymore. then my little lady friend canceled our plans tmro even tho i switched days for her. me and my bf are fighting bc he said he “didn’t belong on this earth” and i got upset and he said it wasn’t serious. it is to me. i’m just extremely triggered right now. i feel like everyone hates me and that i had a curse put on me just now. i lit my reversal candle but it wouldn’t light at first. i’m going to do a return t sender remedy tmro just in case. i’m sleeping with the lights on i’m so triggered and scared i can’t even think straight. also sorry for the stupid abbreviations for words i’m typing fast so i have to use it. also i feel like nobody listens to a word i fucking say. i’ve been telling my bc to get help for months i’ve told him how to can’t act them and i sent him a good place like 3 times and now that he wants help he’s asking about it. oh so when i told you about this weeks and months ago you just didn’t listen? ok:/