My emotionqal abuse journey
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2021-06-18 06:36:28 (UTC)

Day Two away from My abuser

well here I sits my abuser broke into my home and changed the locks on the door. SO MUCH stuff I worked so hard for is gone . however I am still alive and don't have to feel his abuse mentally anymore . HE TRIED TO PUSH ME TO HITHIM SO HE COULD CALL THE COPS . THAT didn't work however he was very close to pushing me to break and stoop to his level . Ppease if you are dealing with mental abuse get out. I think it can be worse than physical . So I live in Fort Lauderdale now however I am just walking away from a home full of stuff because well noone can do nothing about it. FLORIDA DOESNT BELIEVE IN HELPING DOMESTIC VIOLENCE VICTIMS. They are here to advocate for the squatter homelessness ! Well at least I got my computer so I can work from home to where I am going as I just lost my job due to his disrespect while working and I had enough . Well I'm heading to the secret spot today where he can't find me and changed my phone number . Well another journey . This abuse has been on and off for 7 years . It is done today !

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