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2021-06-18 08:45:10 (UTC)

Try A Little Tenderness. (Part 2.)

Okay, he thought, she's does this sometimes after we fight. Just need to find her. Don't freak out that she's doing anything stupid. It's going to be okay.

Bobby was standing in the long, main corridor outside their bedroom. He hadn't bothered to turn any of the lights on except their bedroom one. He reached back inside the room and flipped the light back off.
I'll try the sunroom, he said aloud, but softly. Already he was regretting what happened earlier. His wife had started cutting again when they fought.

At the end of the main corridor on the right, was a shorter one. Walking past the back door to the verandah, straight ahead, was the sunroom, built onto the southeast corner of their huge old home. It was his favourite place in the world to engage in sleepless nights of passionate, unbridled sex with Marie. They both loved the sunroom for the sex and so much more.

(Don't fucking laugh... I'm writing this microstory, not you...)

His hand touched the doorknob and froze. Inside the room soft crying could be heard. And he could hear his wife talking through her tears. What the fuck Marie? Now his heart froze. He quickly yet carefully pressed his left ear to the door to hear better. And tightened his grip on the doorknob with his right hand. Who's she talking to? Fuck this!

The door muffled her words, yet he could hear most of them. His neck hurt from being twisted up against the door.

"I want him to listen to me better...he gets so angry...I want to feel like I'm being heard...I love him God. I love my husband so much..."

Bobby's neck snapped back off the door and he let go of the doorknob simultaneously. In a heartbeat he removed his shoes with swiftness and retraced his footsteps to the front door, let himself out, locked it and put his shoes back on. He was still holding his set of keys, which were hurting his left hand because he'd been gripping them so tight ; hadn't realized he'd not put them down since he walked in the door. Maybe he was meant to be standing here, on this very spot, at this moment in time, clutching his keys, his heart and his life with Marie up till now.

Just maybe. Slowly he walked down the gentle slope of the lawn, to his vehicle parked at the top of the driveway. Even slower, he climbed back into it. He'd left his phone on the passenger seat. Beside it lay his wallet. Both items were something that he rarely left anywhere, except his person.

Taking the vehicle out of gear, then releasing the handbrake, he rolled silently down the driveway.

Then the pain arrived... gentle at first, then it rushed in to fill every broken window of his soul with such a driving force that it near paralysed him.

Text message : Marie? I'm leaving. I'll give you some space. I'm such a selfish prick sometimes. I love you my honey. I'm sorry.
By the time Bobby had pressed 'send', his truck was accelerating down main street once again.

END. (Or is it?)

Finished it...not an easy achievement...but I did it. 19:36 Friday night. Time to watch Netflix.

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