The Metallic life
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2021-06-18 06:27:08 (UTC)

Quick updates

So it's 2021 and the pandemic is slowing down. I don't think it has slowed down enough for anyone to really put their guard down yet. Yeah we can relax a bit more but we can't count on freak accidents or that one mutation that might reinfect everyone again. Think of how many strains of the flu we go through every year, we still take the flu shot every year and ever since I've been alive.

Also in 2021, the good thing that I enjoyed this year was finally getting a new computer. The last one I had was 7yrs old before it crapped out on me. Also, I have been alcohol free for almost 5 yrs now and cigarette free for almost 6 yrs. Although I still feel it in my lungs still but then again, when you smoke a half pack a day and hit up a hookah session nearly everyday, that'll seriously hit your lungs hard.

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